Merry Christmas Eve!


I, Marvelous, am waiting for my human brother and Ninja to get back from Richmond. Ninja went with Alex to Richmond to clean the townhouse for Mom! They spend days getting rid of “stuff” at the Thrift Store and the Dump. Then they cleaned everything top to bottom.  Mommy is grateful and feels blessed!

We thought we would like to wish you a Very Happy Holiday Season!

Card - family2019-96


Our Christmas Card

Hi Guys!

Joy 1.png

We have been having the time of our lives!

We can go out!

We can go in!

There is a basement to explore and loads of LOVELY nooks and crannies!
Mom has been working too hard though, and we have been unable to get her to help up blog. The house here has not been cleaned properly for 5 years and Daddy is a bit of a pack rat!

We are hoping that after Mommy gets the Townhouse in Richmond all cleaned and given back to the landlady and all the stuff here sorted away, we will get some posts out.

I did get Mommy to make us a Christmas Card and a Christmas header though!


We hope to see you all soon!