Ninja’s Selfies

Ninja has arrived!

Ninja in the cat carrier in the moving truck, Dead Man Flats Ab

He was taken out of his apartment  and put in a truck at 4 AM! Here he is–as him and his Dad were driving west from Calgary (at Deadman Flats).

He says the ride was pretty boring but he was happy that there was a cat sized hole on the dash of the truck.

Ninja in the cat carrier in the moving truck, Shushwap Lake

Here he is with Shushwap Lake in the background

When He got here…I, Marvelous went and hid in my sanctuary and I have been there ever since!

Ninja has been enjoying the Cat Tree

Resting up after travelling

And the Catio!


WE are pawticipating in the Cat On My Head’s Selfie Sunday! You can click on their badge to see all the other pawticipants!


Here is a picture of me watching out for Ninja!!!


Mom is hoping that I will be a little friendlier tomorrow (it usually takes me 2 days when Kozmo and Jo Jo come and I know them).

Purrs Marv & Ninja





I’m Tabby and Its Tuesday

Hi Mommy! You are home!

Have I told you lately that I love you?

Did you have a good day at work?

I love getting treats in the bedroom when you get hoome

I really like the treats that are upstairs better than the ones downstairs. Do you think we can get new ones for downstairs?

What!?! They are the same upstairs as downstairs?

Lets go check them out…

Oh Yes…We are pawticipating in Comedy Plus’ Tuesday Fun!


Oh Mom, I must tell you, there has been a frog hanging around … his name is Kermie….

Tabby07-16-1with frog

Bwa Haa!! Haaa!!!
I crack myself up!