Mom Mom stayed in Kelowna this weekend and it has cut 4 hours of driving from Midway to Kelowna and back. Since Alex sent pictures of all of us to show Daddy Dave, she is going to post them for selfie Sunday with the Cat on My Head

First is the Grand- NINJA

Next is Mr Kozmo

The Beautiful JoJo

Me, cuddling with Alex on the sofa

And last, Cinnamon eyeing a happy little truck on her walk!

Please visit the Cat On My Head to see all the other selfies


Where has the time gone?

Today I received a birthday card from  Pipo, Dalton and Benji! Their Petcretary  is the BEST (unlike mine-glares at Mommy)


I, Marvelous am 3 years old!

I a couple of days, I will have been living in Canada for 2 years!

We have not been blogging since the end of May. Daddy had a horrible fall, he stayed with us for a while, then Mom was travelling back and forth on weekends to do the yard and house work (its a 6 hour drive). Then she went there for 2 weeks and cleaned the house (thoroughly) tried to beat the yard into shape (3 years of neglect) and built a shed. Dad was still furry ill. He had some some sort of bronchial infection. Then, 4 days after Mom got back to Richmond and overtime for the software rollout (They have one at the end of July and the other at the end of August), Dad was in a catastrophic car accident and has been in ICU in Kelowna (a 5 hour drive from Richmond) Mom has been there for the last 3 weekends (and stayed in Midway which is a 2 hour drive from the hospital so she can do the yard work).

Mom has been just too tired to blog for me!

I have been a totally rotten cat! I have escaped twice and gone for walkabouts in the townhouse complex, I have beating up Kozmo and Jo Jo and hissing at Cinnamon and chasing Ninja.
Mom threatened me with Violin strings last night when I was scratching the carpet on the stairs last night!

So you know we are all great, here are some pictures of all of us!


Cinnamon on her nightly walk, chasing her ball


Cinnamon in the Midway House last weekend


Kozmo giving Mom the evil eye


Jo Jo (in the carrier) and Kozmo in the backseat of the car, coming to Richmond


Jo Jo in MY blue bed on the sofa giving Mom a Raspberry!


Ninja doing what he does best…looking like an angel (he is not really)


Me! Giving Mom a VERY rare hug (I mostly growl at her)

We won’t be posting much, and we have not had much of a chance to read our furrends blogs, Mom has not had any time…and when she sits, we ALL want cuddles!

Can you guys please send some purrayers for our Dad. He is still in ICU.