Arty with Marv (and my Fill Ins!)

Did you guys miss me yesterday?

Because Mom has been busy because of work, we have been writing out posts on Sunday and setting them up for the week…except for Friday…we have been trying to do the Friday Fill Ins on Thursdays. But this week, we were so far behind in commenting, we spent Thursday evening evening doing that, so I, Marvelous am doing Friday Fill Ins NOW!

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1. My Chinese zodiac animal is a MONKEY!!!

2. My zodiac sign is Cancer the CRAB!

3. Income tax season does not bother me at all! I don’t have an income!!

4. In hindsight, I would NOT have bit Mommy’s hand last summer…she is still not 100%

Next…My ART!


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I think I remember what I did…sort of…
I took this picture


It is kind of blurry so we opened it in Photoshop and ran Sharpen on it
and then we took it to Lunapics where we played around with it.

And it looked like this….


We brought it back into Photoshop and applied some more filters and gave it a vignette and it ended up like it is at the top!

I gotta run…Mommy wants to get back to work…I will be happy when they are done with all of this!!!!









Thankful Joke

This week I am thankful that it was a long weekend this week. Mommy got to spend an extra day at home with me. I am thankful that my GrandPaw in Calgary is MUCH better. They put two stints in his heart and he is feeling so very much better and he gets to go home tomorrow.  I am thankful for my Catio! I have got to go outside and sign to the burds! They seem to like my song as they don’t fly away but just keep eating their seeds.


I am sad that sister Kit has gone over the bridge at Brians home. But I am thankful that Thankful Thursday is still going on. And most of all,

I am thankful for you my furrends!!!

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I only have ONE joke today — but I, Marvelous think its FUNNY!

Thursday Joke copy

He was furry tasty!

Now I bet that you are thankful that I only had one joke!!!