Caturday art with Kozmo-again!

Mom is in Midway with Jo Jo, Daddy and that devastating handsome Kozmo!

Mom left yesterday and a couple hours after she left, Alex got home. Ninja was happy!

Mom did some Kozmo art WITHOUT ME!

This is the picture she took when Kozmo and Ninja were FaceTiming.

Then she used a cut out filter

And then she Deep Dreamed it!

We are pawticipating in Athena’s Caturday Art.

Click her button to go and see the other art.

Maybe next week we can do Me or Jo Jo or Cinnamon.


Man Cat & Awww Monday And Belated Selfies

First up, I have a most MASSIVE apology to make!

When we wrote the post for Caturday Art MOM messed up! And Kozmo is MAD!


Ninja is giving Mom the stink eye on Kozmo’s behalf. He says he is going to use it for his selfie!  Make sure you see all the selfies at The Cat On My Head!



Mom was outside cleaning up the tree debris on the deck. Ninja and I were out watching her from the catio, but it is COLD here today so we went in.  When Mom came back in, she could not find us!


To see all the cuteness, go to Sandee’s Comedy Plus Blog.  We LOVE her blog!

This is where we were. Awww


But before we disappeared on her, here is a shot Mom managed to get of me out in the catio.


I am giving her a piece of my mind about the fact she did NOT give me any of the roast chicken she brought home from the store.

She tells me I will get LOADS later…but after getting Ninja and Kozmo mixed up…I wonder if she will get me and Ninja mixd up!