Meowing Like a Pirate!

Ahoy Maties!!!

It is I, Marvelous also knows as 2nd Mate Fishbait Magee, and my crew members Kozmo (Old Sea Legs Yeager) Jo Jo (Frog Lady Cassandra) and Cinnamon (Racy Lacey Grog Master) and our Captain Angel Queen Penelope are setting sail on the good ship Lollipop!


We are heading over to Captain Speedy’s and we hope you are too! It will be the best Pirate gathering ever!!!

I am so very excited!

I even have an official Pirate Portrait!

Marv-TalkLikeAPirate-2017 copyPurrs



Selfie Sunday #4

What a week!

Thursday evening Daddy, Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnamon came back to my townhouse!

I, Marvelous have been having great fun chasing (and terrorizing) Komo and Jo Jo up and down the stairs after the parents go to bed! Kozmo has a very loud growl and MMMEEERRRROOOWWW!

Mommy and Daddy do not seem to appreciate my exhibiting my authority!

I, however, believe I am KING of my Castle!

Selfie Sunday 9-17

Daddy took a shot of Kozmo when he told him he was coming to Vancouver


I think he is saying NNNoooooooooOOOOoooooo!!!

And a shot of Jo Jo


She was trying to eat her breakfast before the journey.

And Ever ready Cinnamon!

GE DIGITAL CAMERAAre you packed yet Daddy?

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This week they are Celebrating Allie and Raz’s Daddy who went over the bridge this week. We are so very sad and send Alie Raz and their Mommy all our love and strength!



Selfie Sunday #3


Dear Furrend,

this morning I, Marvelous, was playing with one of my wonderful toys! This is a scratcher that has a ball that I can bat around and around and around! I find that almost all the balls I have have ended up under the big white box that has food in it. This one…it goes in circles!

My Mommy said, “Marv, shall we take some selfies so we can pawticipate in The Cat on My Head’s Selfie Sunday?” and I promptly agreed!

Today we tried the tablet. The pictures are not as crisp as the phone or the camera, but I can find the buttons!


Hmm, I did not get my face very well. This is difficult!


Now I am looking at the button I am pushing instead of at me!



We are participating in The Cat On My Head’s Selfie Sunday! Please click their badge to go to their blog and see all the other participants!


We also send prayers, purrs and POTP to Allie and Raz’s (Friends Furever) dad, Bill.


We are also purraying for the people who have been affected by Irma (and Jose).



PS. I must apologize to you. I have missed much blogging.

Alas, the bite that I did to my Mommy when I first arrived at my new palace has caused much difficulty. My poor Mommy has to visit the hospital every day where they fill her full of antibiotics and now they are talking about slicing and dicing!!
When the whole nightmare is complete my Mommy and I will blog about the ordeal.
If you could,  please send purrs for my Mommy?


Caturday Art #3

Hi Furrends!

It has been a while since my Mommy has helped me write a post. But I, Marvelous, said we should blog once this week. I have much news!


Here are the 3 of us enjoying the warm weather on Wednesday evening.I was inside and was a little miffed that Kozmo was in my spot, instead of his at the top of the catio, but Jo Jo gets very angry if she is disturbed.


Cinnamon, Jo Jo, and Kozmo (and Daddy) went home Thursday. I was unsure why Daddy was taking them to his truck and did not take me! And when my Mommy came home, I was sad they were gone and I told her that!


Today, my Mommy slept in. This was strange. Cinnamon is very good at getting my Mommy out of bed at 6 am no matter what day of the week it is. I felt it was my duty to make sure that she awaken and get me my breakfast, but she told me that breakfast would be later this morning. I felt that was OK. I snuggled up and we went back to sleep. When Mommy got up, she immediately got me my breakfast.

She had errands but when she got home, we took some photos and my Mommy and I did our Caturday Art! I am quite pleased. Today we did not use any online programs, but we took my photo and Mommy showed me how we use Photoshop. I am very pleased with the result.

First, here is the photo!


And here is our Photoshop Watercolour of ME! Marvelous!


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Caturday Art #2

OK, Marv is difficult to get a picture of. He is constantly on the move!

Jo Jo asked if she could be the Caturday Art model and she posed!


We loaded it into Photoshop and cropped it…


Then we cut out the background


Next we went into the filters and added Poster Edges (Filters>Artistic)


Then we added a swirl background


Next step … Dreamscope!


We picked this filter and waited… we waited for Mommy and Daddy, who escaped and went shopping for 9 hours!!!

And this is the final result!


We also did one for fun of Cinnamon, and can’t tell you what we did as we were not paying attention… BUT we LOVE it!

We think it is even BETTER!!!


You can see all the other great pet art on Athena’s Blog!
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Tuxie Thursday

Hi Furrends! This is my first post on Marv’s blog.
I would tell you how we are getting along, but I am sure you are tired of hearing about him…


Marv’s hijinx are starting to wear me down, playing referee between him and Jo Jo is really getting tiring, I need some ADULT company!
And I remembered reading that Katie Isabella got a new tunnel.
So, I used Nellie’s old tunnel here, to visit her.


Katie is the hostess with the mostest!
We had a GRAND time!
I would tell you some of the antics we got into…
But a Gentleman Cat NEVER kisses and tells!
(my twin – Austin taught me that! You rock Buddy…we need to go out for libations and catch up…)


I can’t wait for my next visit!!!
Here’s a Kiss for you Sweet Cheeks!!!


Now I will have the most pleasant of dreams….


Head Butts!




Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day


Today I am dedicating my blog to Queen Penelope


Queen Penelope was a very tiny cat. She did, however have a HUGE personality! When she was living with Mommy, she was exactly as Mommy portrayed her on her blog. She appeared thorny (she hisses, swatted and would bite gently) but she was mostly all bluster and actually was a cream puff.


She actually LOVED road trips! Her first one was about 5 days after she went to live with Mommy and Daddy. Hissy old Licorice was singing the songs of our People, and Nellie chimed in! She continued to sing on all the trips until Hissy old Licorice went over the bridge. When he was no longer singing, she quit. laid back and enjoyed almost all of her trips after that.


She LOVED to go camping! Her favorite place was Lassie Lake (where she camped for 17 years). lassie Lake is where she got “lost” for a week. Mommy and Daddy were sure that she had become Owl lunch. 6 days after she went missing, they went back up and found her sitting on the picnic table. She yelled at them for half an hour about how she went for a walk and they disappeared. After that incident, whenever they went camping, Nellie  was ALWAYS in sight and would immediately go into the tent if they headed towards the boat!


She was a prodigious Mouse Hunter!
She used to lay them in front of the door to the garage. One morning Mommy found 23 dead mice all in a row. She also liked to catch birds. Alas, she caught several humming birds when she was younger, precipitating Mommy to get rid of the humming bird feeder.

She loved to “visit” her friends. In the evenings, she would sit with Mommy when she was reading our friend’s blogs and Nellie would watch closely. Some of her favorites were:


Speedy (especially his videos)

As a matter of fact, Speedy was her favorite Man Furrend!




Eric & Flynn


Merlin (the only man cat she married!)

Katie&Nel1 copy

Katie Isabella

MagicCarpet-Cold copy

Kali and Shoko

cody and nellie from barb




On a VERY Sad note – Allred – the Devil Cat at the Canine Country Club went over the bridge today! He was Nellie’s partner.


Allred, Vickie will miss you, but I am sure you and Nellie are having a rip roaring time!

There were so very many more, but I have run out of room!
I am sorry that I never met Queen Penelope in the fur… but if it had not been for her, I would not be here. I am helping you all remember her with LOVE



Selfie Sunday #2

Hi Furrends!


I wanted to tell you that I have NOT bitten (or scratched) my Mommy in 3 days! I now come out of my sanctuary in the evening–and last night, I sat on the sofa while my Mommy was reading. The horrible beast was laying on the floor, Kozmo was in the catio and Jo Jo was laying on the top of the cat tree.  Also, I no longer hiss and growl at the horrible beast, I do not run away until she tries to smell me.

Today Mommy was laying on the sofa (all day) as she is still not well and watched television and read. I was in my sanctuary (though the door was open). The horrible beast played chase the ball down the stairs most of the day, Kozmo spent his day in the catio, and Jo Jo, well I am not too sure where she was…. Just before supper time, Mommy said it was selfie time!


Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Cinnamon is waiting for Mommy to throw the ball!!


Jo Jo at the top of the cat tree…can you tell she is miffed that Mommy made her turn around to look at the phone?


Kozmo was having trouble pushing the button of the phone (or was this when I whapped his butt?)

SS-2-5And lastly is me! I am cuddling with my Mommy and I was smiling!

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BlogHopAlso, last week I, Marvelous was interviewed by for their Worldwide Bloggers! It was very exciting!
They are in New Zealand, I am an Iranian cat who now lives in Vancouver!
If you have not read my interview yet, you can click the button and be transported to their site to read about me!

Dash-InterviewMany Purrs