Rim Shots!

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For YOUR happiness, we are going to do what we do best!!!

Tell Jokes!


AND we got the guys to do the Rim Shots!


What happens when you cross a GOLD DOG with a TELEPHONE?

Dog Joke 1


What did the dog say to the FLEA?



Oh Cinnie that was RUFF! ONE last Joke! How does a dog stop a video?

Dog Joke 3

Cat 3

Its a good thing Mommy still has a Day Job…

Devil Signature



Happy Tuesday and we are HOPPING!

I’m not holding my breath. Mommy is helping us blog! That’s 7 times since December 8th!

WOW! Maybe we will see more of you guys!

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HappyTues-Blog-Hop-Badge-125-pxWe have not done any jokes for a while, so we thought we would entertain you with our wit…

First up is CINNAMON!

Happy Tuesday-Cinnie

Jo Jo had a close encounter too!

Happy Tuesday-JoJo

Kozmo was talking to Mom and he told her…

Happy Tuesday-Koz.png

Then Ninja told me where snowmen keep their money…


We hope you enjoyed our Jokes…Do you have a favorite Snow Man or winter joke?

HappyTuesday Marv.png