Selfie Sunday – Magnificent Whiskers!

I, Marvelous have something Mommy has never seen before…


If you look carefully, I have two-toned whiskers! Some are all white, some are all black and some are both black and white!
It is the same with my Eye brow whiskers!


There, I posed purrfectly for you Mommy.

Now can I have some more salmon? The taste you gave me of smoked salmon tasted like more!

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Mommy does the Friday Fill-ins!

Friday Fillins with McGuffy’s Reader and 15 and Meowing

1. The best part of where I live is having both the ocean and the mountains.

2. The worst part of where I live is missing Midway.

Midway backyard

View of the Kettle River from the deck 3 years ago

3. If I had a million dollars, I would  retire, as it is right now, I will be working until I can’t.


You can read about how it was stolen in Berlin here:

4. My favourite article of cold weather clothing is a toque!



Love Barb


I am Thankful


Mommy, have I, Marvelous told you how thankful I am that you rescued me?

I love that I now have a whole townhouse with 3 floors and 2 flights of stairs to race up and down, especially in the middle of the night – just to make sure that I keep all the marauders at  bay.

I am thankful that you feed me wonderful food with warm water every morning. Before I got kibble and it was NOT as tasty as the kibble I get now.  I especially like the Whiskas pouches of chicken and fish. I could really eat 2 of them even though you told me that I am getting a belly.

Which is rude, but I am thankful that you love me enough to point that out. I shall point out that you too have put on poundage since you started to feel better. But I am thankful that you are feeling better.

I am thankful that you cuddle with me when we go to bed. For almost a year, I slept alone in a cage.


I am thankful for my toys, especially my rat on a stick. I know it is a dog toy but it is life size! and when you play with me with it when You get home you really flick it around and I can jump on the sofa and over the sofa and spring high into the air to catch it!

And I am purrticularly thankful for you my furrends! You have made me feel so furry welcome!

Mommy, can we go to bed and cuddle now?


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Wordless Wednesday with Nephew Ninja

Are these the troopers you are looking for?

Hmmmm….what do you think hes trying to tell me???



Not wordless, but we are going to try….

Yes, I invite you all to get scribbling and create a poem or short story to be posted on Friday 24th of November. It will be a bloghop. All you have to do…

  1. Take a favourite book and go to page 87; take a section from lines 8, 12 and 16.
  2. using those phrases as a prompt, build a story around them. It can be either prose or poetry. The phrases do not have to appear in your tale in the same order as they were extracted from the origin text; but they ought to remain ‘intact’ so that they can be recognised upon reading them. (see point 4)
  3. Try to keep it to not more than 500 words but at least 150.
  4. Note the source text, it’s author, and the actual phrases taken at the top of the post.
  5. Schedule the post and prepare to link up to the bloghop – again I will be quite strict; only those who have properly entered a fiction post and who place a link-back to this blog will be kept on the hop.
  6. As an added incentive, YAM will select one which she feels has extra merit and a special badge will be awarded to place on your sidebar.
For all participants – and for those who are willing to promote this bloghop – please take this badge and place a link to this page so that participants can always pop back to read the ‘what, where and when’. Happy writing efurrybuddy!!!

Ticked Off Tabby on Tuesday

I am not talking to you!

You have been home for 10 minutes…


You are not playing with me! If you are home…you should play!

…..Swooshing sound of wand toy…..then a quiet ::thud::


Ah!!! My Rat!



Oh Ratty! You are the best toy! I can kill you again! And Again!!

And Again!!


I shall chew you!



I shall kick you to bits!!!



Thanks Mom!

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Monday Spark (no 3) with Nellie

Mes has had the most delicious time this last week!

FIRST me was on a Mouse  Safari with Eric and Flynn (Two Devon Cats) and Boomer (Trout Talkn Tabbies)! We had a GLORIOUS time and caught many, many mouses! There is a never ending supply and the mouses is crafty and plentyful!  It was the bestest fun. Boomer caught the most wonderful action shot! Mes with a mouse in my claws and Eric and Flynn discussing strategy.


Alas, mes did not gets a good picture of Boomer! But right now he is pawticipating in DE CODD MOTHER DE BASS TERD TURKEEZ SAGA.


Hes the underboss.

This weekend was Peace Blogging Weekend and mes spent time with the other angels visiting many of the sites that pawticipated. There was MANY great peace images. They were so uplifting!

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Now here is mine!


Easy or Selfie

Marv, I know you are having a snooze, but we should take your selfie and get it posted…

M1Nothing happens….

(he rolls over)


Murrfle…waddaya wan?

Can you sit up please, you wanted a selfie post, I can go away…

No…No…I’m sitting…


OKay? I think I’ll go back to my easy….



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Dona nobis pacem

It is November 4th, we are participating in the 12th Annual World Peace Day!
This year Mimi has asked, “How do I find peace in overwhelming times?”
I imagine a purrfect world where every cat and dog has a person and every person a cat and dog.
MarvForPeace copy
We are participating in Mimi Lennox’s Blog For Peace Day!

In a world that’s adrift with constant anxiety and unpredictability, that Latin 3-word mantra prayer we’ve been uttering all these years on our peace globes is needed more than ever:

Dona nobis pacem
Grant us peace
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 I also wanted to share the world with a few of my furrends.
Dancing for the world copy

CatsDancing for the world copy

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Friday and Mommy does the Fill Ins!

Friday Fillins with McGuffy’s Reader and 15 and Meowing


We have not yet pawticipated in the Friday Fill-ins…generally we take Friday off, but this week, I will let Mommy give it a whirl!

But first a gratuitous shot of ME!!!


Week 78: November 3, 2017:

  1. My favorite part of November is Grey Cup Day! It is the Canadian Super Bowl and this year it looks like my Home Town Team, the Calgary Stampeders will be playing! I’ve got my fingers crossed!

    2. Every November, I try to take part in Remembrance Day, November 11th. It was started to remember the end of the 1st World War by the Commonwealth. My Grandfather was in that war. 

  1. For me, peace  Peace


  1. So far, my upcoming holiday plans include my son! He is flying out on Dec 23rd from Calgary. Alas, I believe Ninja will be staying home.


& Love Mommy