Artsy Caturday #1


Wow! I have participated in so many firsts!
This is my first Artsy Caturday with Athena! My Mommy and Queen Penelope loved Artsy Caturday and I will too. This week, I picked my first trip in the catio for my first art!

You can see all the other great pet art on Athena’s Blog!
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Fun On Friday!

FIRST! I want to thank Ms Ann (and Mr Doug and Ms Zoe of Zoolatry) for the most beautiful header! I am honoured!!!


I thought I would surprise my Mommy.  After she gets home from work, she she opens up the catio, my sanctuary door and takes the horrible beast for a walk.

When she gets back she cuts up chicken and heats up rice for the beast, gives us all some chicken tidbits and then she sits down in her chair.

Today, I surprised her!


When she came out to the living room I was in the Catio with Kozmo.

It is glorious! The breeze is fresh and the birds are so very close!


Oh Dear!
The horrible beast has finished eating and she is coming towards the catio!
Will I be trapped?


Thank Baast!
My Mommy is throwing the beast’s ball for her to chase!
I am safe…but I think I shall go  to my sanctuary anyway.

دوست عزیز عزیزم



(Almost) Selfie Sunday (#1)

Good Day dear furrends.

What an adventure yesterday! When my Mommy opened the door to the bedroom in the morning, I rushed out to greet my brother Kozmo! He and I touched noses. There was NO hissing or growling. As Mommy was going to stay home all day and rest, she left the door open. I (sort of) liked that. And I (sort of) did NOT like that.

My new sister Jo Jo and I were OK. I hissed and growled back at her (she started it). But I do NOT like Cinnamon! Every time I see her, I growl and hiss. When I tried to come down the stairs to the main level – where all the fun and excitement happen, she would come and greet me. I would run back upstairs and under my bed!

Last night, when my Mommy went to bed, she did not close the door. This was disturbing for me. I did not want the other animals in my space! Especially I did NOT want that horrible beast of a dog under my bed! That is my SANCTUARY!

Finally, Mommy got everyone out and she and Kozmo and Jo Jo and Cinnamon left and went to bed in the other room. I wanted my Mommy to come and sleep with me…so I yelled at her, she came back and slept with me..for a while. She spent half the night in the other bedroom and half the night with me.

Right now I am in the bedroom by myself. Mommy says shes “I AM Not up for your shenanigans, little boy!”  I don’t understand, I only bit her 8 times this morning!

Now here are some selfies of us for your viewing pleasure. None of us wanted to take any and none of us cooperated (except that horrible dog!)

First is Kozmo


That Kid BITES too much!


THIS is what I think of that BRAT!!


WELL! THIS is what I think of the 2 of YOU!!!


Mommy, you are so very tasty! Er Lovable!


That could not have hurt…you are only bleeding from 4 holes…


I told you to be careful Mommy! How many bandaids do you have on your hands now…? I count 10!


Oh My Cod!!! Quit bleeding on my Catio!!! It will scare the birds away!!!

And Last but not least CINNAMON!!!


Just throw the ball!!! Ignore the blood and the gore! Throw my Ball! Throw my Ball!

بسیاری از خواسته های خوب



We are participating in The Cat On My Head’s selfie Sunday!

It’s their 3rd Anniversary

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PS We were sad to read about Mitalee Honeybee and Esme at Critters in The Cottage! We just now read about it as Mommy has been so very sick and has NOT been keeping up. We LOVE LP and all the Critters. We send our Love, and much Strength.

Starting to get comfortable


Good day dear furrends. I am starting to get used to my new home! I still like to go under the bed when my new Mommy comes into my room, but I will come out for treats…I have discovered I LOVE chicken. And last night I jumped on the bed in the middle of the night and demanded some pets and plays!

I have started to talk to too! I meow at my new Mommy and I meowed back at Kozmo after mommy got home from work today.  I have thought about leaving the bedroom too! When Mommy came in to play with me I peeked out the door and I would have run for the stairs…but THAT DOG was there!


And I played with Mommy for quite a while too. Alas, Mommy is very terrible at playing and taking pictures at the same time. She got lots of blurry pictures of the back of my head, half paws and pictures of the floor.

Mommy is feeling better, the medication she inhales has been helping. She slept better last night as she was not coughing too much.

I told her she should take some picture if my furblings too! They have found it difficult to NOT sleep with Mommy all night. Because I am in Mommy’s bedroom they can not come in. Mommy has been sleeping part of the night in the spare room with them and the other part in her bed with me. I wish she would spend the whole night with me, but I guess Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnamon want to sleep with her too.  I will let them.


My sister Jo Jo and I look very much alike. She and I are just about the same size but my  mother says my tail and head are much more manly!


My brother Kozmo spends a lot of time lying at the bottom of the closed door to my room. He talks to me all the time too. I have put my paw under the door to touch him. He is very soft!

And then there is the noisy slobbery beast!


Mommy says that she is a very friendly girl who LOVES cats and would only kiss me, but I am sure she would BITE me with her huge teeth! She barks too and that really scares me! Mommy says that tomorrow is Saturday and she will not have to go to work…she says she will put Kozmo and Jo Jo and Cinnamon in the other bedroom and let me explore the house for a little while. I am looking forward to that!

I am celebrating Friends on Friday with Ann at Zoolatry (and Zoe and Dougie the dog) Queen Penelope could not say enough about how they are so furry helpful with all the animals in the blogosphere! That they are the Best!!!


Look at the wonderful picture Ann made of me!

بسیاری از خواسته های خوب

Purrs Marv

I’ve arrived…and to prove it, I’m here!

The last few days have been stressful. I went from a cat who lived in a tiny barren room 3 days ago, to flying 6,675 miles from Iran to Vancouver!


The flight was longer. We had to change planes in Frankfurt Germany. I was brought over by a very nice man and I was in a cat carrier and under the seat. I was a good cat. I was quiet and well behaved.

When we got to Vancouver, we had to wait. The customs people had to look at me and it was a long walk to where my new Mommy was to get me! I was afraid! Everything is so very loud! And she had to leave me in my carrier as it was a long walk to her car! Then it was a half hour before we got to my new home.

When I got there, I was greeted by a big dog nose smelling my carrier!!!


I hissed! I have not met any dogs! This enormous beast scared Me!!! My new Mommy realized that I was hungry, exhausted and thirsty. She took me right upstairs to the bedroom, closed the door to keep the other animals out.

Mommy left me alone with a water fountain, lots of yummy food and a nice clean litter box and she went back to work.

When she got home, she opened the door and that horrible dog bounded in! Mommy grabbed it as it lunged towards me with its teeth barred! I did what all cats do! I launched myself towards the threat!


I sank my teeth in deep to give the killing blow, but then I realized that it was my new Mommy’s hand! I retreated to the window sill!


I was crest fallen! I had hurt my new Mommy! She was not angry though. She shooed the fearsome beast out of the room and ran lots of cold water on her hand. While we were distracted by the fearsome beast…the 2 cats who had been poking their paws under the door came in to greet me!


They were NOT afraid of the fearsome beast! They were not afraid of me…but I am afraid of them! I did not hiss, but I made low growls. Mommy knew I was scared and she shooed them out of the room too. She talked to me quietly and she apologized about all the noise and excitement. She said she would be extra vigilant at making sure all the greetings happened when I wanted them to and not before!


I am sure we will become friends when I am less scared.




Reblog from Nellie’s Post

Marvelous, Mes and Mommy learns patience

Mes was enjoying my retirement and cavorting with Eric, Flynn, GJ, Boomer, Nerissa, Ellie, Sammy, Minko, Fiona and many other rainbow cats when mes gotted a message….
Nellie Bellie…Oh Nellie Bellie, I need you Nellie…..
It was my Mommy! Mommy never calls mes!!! Even when mes was there below! Mes excused myself and went to sees her. She was in her office at work! Mes has never been there before…It smelled funny…no animals!

Mes here Mommy! mes purred.

Mommy picked mes up  and cuddled mes. Mes let her…but yous should knows mes does not likes it furry much.
Nellie, Mommy said, I am worried about Marvelous. He was supposed to start his long trip from Iran to Canada yesterday and be here today, but the person who is bringing him is staying in Iran for another 2 weeks and won’t be bringing him until August 14th! I can’t go and see him like you can, can you please go and see how he is doing and let him know that I am missing him.
Mommy, mes said, yous NOT even meeted him yet! How can yous be missing somebody yous not meeted? 
I already have him in my heart Nellie darling, just like you and you know how much I miss you!
Well, mes knows Mommy misses mes lots and lots, I visits her in her dreams all the time and there has been NO cats in the house to helps her.
Mes flashed out and popped into Marvelous’ room.

Meow! said Marvelous. I am so very happy to see you Queen Penelope! I get awful lonely in this barren little room. I am also very sad.
Oh! Marvelous! mes said as mes touched his nose with mine and then rubbed up against him, Mes sorry mes has not come by every day. Mes will until yous gets to Mommy! 
Queen Penelope, That would be very kindly of you! I would appreciate it so very much! He gave me a tentative smile.
Wes lay down on his scrappy little blanket and mes licked his ears and eyes. Are yous feeling better dear heart? How is your asthma? 
Marvelous sighed a big sigh, Mes, er I feel fine Queen Penelope, but my heart is sore that I will not be seeing my new Mother today. I was so happy to know that I was going to have my own home and my own Mother and…..(sob)…now I feel that it may NEVER happen! It has been forever waiting to go.
Oh Marv! mes purred, 2 weeks is only 14 days! And Today is the first one of those days! When today is over, it will bes 13 and when that day is over, it will only bes 12! and before yous knows it,  yous will be loaded into a PTU and….
Excuse me Queen Penelope! PTU! What is this PTU? Is it scary? Is is big? Is it small? 
Marvelous, mes said sternly, Yous interrupted mes! Yous should NOT interrupt when mes is talking! 
But mes knows yous is excited…and yous DID apologize…
A PTU is a personal transportation unit. It is a little box with bars that peoples puts yous in to goes places. They is small and it feels like yous is in your own purrsonal cave. It is like this room that yous lives in only small. Yous can’t stand up in it.
Oh, Marvelous said weakly. It is like what they brought me here in and what they put me in to go and visit the Doctor.
Yes! Mes said, just like that! 
Will you come in the PTU with me on my trip? Will your friends that stop by to visit me come on my trip too? I am quite scared.
Marv darling, Angel Sammy who comes and sees yous almost every day and Flynn and Eric and me will be with yous. Do not worry little friend. Yous is already loved by more people than you can imagine. Just wait, when yous start to blogs! Yous will has hundreds and hundreds of peoples and cats and dogs yous will bes furrends with!
Thank you Queen Penelope. You always make me feel better.  You know exactly what to say to make my fears disappear! I am not afraid any more. Can you go and tell out Mother that I am doing well, even though I am disappointed I am not going to be with her tonight and that my journey to her will begin in 12 days…that is right, it is only 12 days until I start!
Yes darling boy. Only 12 days and tomorrow, it will be 11 until you start your journey and 13 until you get to Mommy! Marvelous, in the words of this human mes has meeted over the bridge, whose name is Rumi, 

Oh! You are so right Queen Penelope! Rumi has such wise words. I shall meditate on them. Will you come back today?
Of course! Mes knows that Sammy is on his way right now, but mes must goes and sees our Mommy and lets her know that yous is marvelous and yous is patient! And that yous foresees that when yous gets to her, all the waiting will have been worth it!
Now mes must goes and tells Mommy that yous is patient and KNOWS that yous will bes there soon! Bye Bye!
Wes touched noses and mes flashed back to Mommy.

When mes told her, she was a little less sad. Mes told her to meditate on Rumi too! She needs to learn PATIENCE!