We are here and our parents are gone. We are so furry lucky we have Alex!

It has been dreary and we have been taking it easy.

Cinny is thankful Alex takes her for lots of walks and throws her ball and puts duck jerky on her supper.

I am thankful Alex let’s me relax in my Mom’s recliner.

Ninja is thankful that his Dad is here. However he is not looking forward to him going away as soon as Mommy gets back.

Jo jo is thankful for her cubby. She loves it. And when Ninja or I walk past she leaps out at us!

Kozmo is thankful he can hide out UTB. It’s funny though…him, me, Jo Jo and Cinnamon all sleep on Mommy’s bed together every night.

And we are thankful for you my furrends!

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Our Selfies are Late

What can we say…

Mom and Dad are on vacation. All Mom has is her phone. Alex sent Mom our selfies and she had to download the app to write our post, so if anything is messed up, we blame her!

First Ninja and I have been terrorizing Kozmo. Actually we want him to play with us but he won’t. Alex banished us to his bedroom so here is Koz in the catio

He’s saying, please come home!

Jo Jo is sending Mom and Dad a razor!

Here I am up in Alex’s bedroom

Note I am NOT smiling!

here is Ninja in the other end of the bed being the purrfect house panther…

And lastly Cinnie! She is getting along great with Alex, but she does miss her Dad.

We are going to link up with all the other selfies…if she can do it on the phone…