Monday Spark with Nellie

This week me and Sammy Kimmel went on a Flutterby Safari! It is the mostest fun!  We chased them hither and yon around the waterfall and through the rainbows at the bottom! Wes laughed so hard our sides hurt! And wes talked about our new little brothers! Sammy’s Teddy and my Marvelous. They is young and rambunctious and they is filling our pawrents hearts with love!


Wes caught lots and lots of flutterbys and bringed them to share with our furrends so they could plays with them too!


Also, it is Pipo, Mr Jack Freckles and Dalton’s Petcretary’s birthday, Minko and mes wanted to send her special wishes!
Happy BirthdayPetcretary

Wes LOVES yous so furry much!


Mes is pawticipating  in McGuffy Reader’s Sparks!
I LOVE them! They uplift me!!
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Sparks Badge

Now here is mine!


Mes is looking forward to seeing yous again next week!


Selfie Sunday #6

This week, it is just me! Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnamon are in Midway, enjoying the hots. It is raining and cold here. But that is OK. It makes sleeping at night easier. It is awfully quiet though, without Kozmo to chase!


I set up the cell phone on a shelf by the bed but trying to push the button and get into place – I got all blurry!


I set the timer…but I forgot to look!!


There! I got it purrfect! I send you all Marvelous Kisses!!!

Yesterday I was at Angel Sammy and Teddy’s blog pawticipating in the annual Bacon Harvest! harvest2017-marvsamyp

Here is Me and Sammy P (from 15 and Meowing) in the greenhouse. I had so very much fun! Thank you!


Did I do OK, Mommy?

Can I have extra treats?

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