ArTsY cAtUrDaY

Wooo!!!! Hooo!!! It seems like FOREVER since I last got to do any art on the computer and tonight we did some! I am so furry excited! I get to go to Athena’s! I get to see my furrends ART! It is just so much FUN!

First…Athena is a drop dead gorgeous tabby…just like me! And her Mum makes great art!
click her button to visit her and see all the other Cat Artists!


Now – here is me with Da Burd! And it is the original picture!


We had to cut out the background, There was a blanket on the bed frame and my head disappeared when we ran filters on my picture.

Like Athena, we are “doing” Picasso! The first picture is one we did with PicasArt…


Mom says it is my Blue Period. The next one we did with Deep Dream Generator


This one is my Rose Period!

Now I am off to go and see everyone! I am hoping to comment on ALL my furrends blogs this weekend.



Artsy Fartsy Marv


I had to take advantage of the fact that Mom was still home, to get my art made this week. I’m afraid that it will be the end of November before I get a chance to make any.

I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I enjoyed making it!


Stop by Athena’s blog (you can click on her button to get there) and see all the other great art!!


Oh Year, I thought would like to see the AWFUL picture we started with…