3 Tuxis and Fillins

Here is a picture of Kozmo, Austin and Katie Isabella at the pub! I hear they had a grand time!
One of the waitresses caught this photo of the Tuxie Twins (Kozmo and Austin) and the beautiful Katie Isabella out and gallivanting!
Now for the Friday FillINS
I, Marvelous shall answer ALL of them!
  1. My favorite scent is TUNA!
  2. I hope to see KOZMO, Cinnamon and Jo Jo leave my townhouse this weekend. (Kozmo thinks HE is the top cat! Hrrrmmmppphh!
  3. The Rattle in my Ratty is music to my ears.
  4. Home is where I rule.
Now it’s your turn!
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Thankful Tuxie Thursday

Kozmo Black

Marv Blue


I am thankful to visit Mom. This means that I can visit Katie Isabella!


Before I jump into the tunnel, I better make sure that all my whites are sparkling!


I better make sure there are not litter clumps between my back toes too!


I can just see me and Katie Isabella – lounging on her….


Sheesh! Do I have to listen to the wistful meanderings of a love sick Tuxie! I’m sure Austin does not go on…and on…and on…and on….


I am thankful that I don’t LIVE with that BRAT and only come to visit ONCE IN A WHILE!!!!


I am THANKFUL for that too Kozmo, YES I AM!

And Me and Kozmo and Jo Jo and Cinnamon  are thankful for you my furrends! We are so happy that you stop by, read our blog and comment (We LOVE to hear from you) And I am especially thankful to pawticipate in Brian’s Thankful Thursday Blog Hop! Click on his button to see all the other pawticipants!

BriansHome-ThankfulThursday-BlogHopThis week, I’ll let Kozmo have the last word!


Get ready Katie…I’ll be there soon!