Man Cat Monday

Too many furrends…we read that Cyndi at the Funny Farmer’s has gone over the bridge.

percy, CyndiCyndi

Mom is furry sad. Cyndi was a beautiful cat! And I believe, even though Percy thought he was the Spokescat, Queen Penelope told me it was really Cyndi. As a matter of fact, I can see Queen Penelope and Cyndi drinking Meowgaritas and having a good chin wag right now, looking down and discussing our merits.


Today is Monday and Mondays we go to Comedy Plus for Awww Mondays!

Since Mom has today, Monday off, she stayed up a little later than usual. Here are me and Ninja waiting for her to come to bed.


So that you can get the Awww factor, here is a closeup of Ninja


And here is a great closeup of ME!!!


Yes Mom, the claw work on the curtains NEW and it is mine…I did it this afternoon.

Now get those treats and come to bed!

Purrs Marv & Ninja



This WAS supposed to be about the Trip…


I was going to tell you about MY voyage from Richmond to Midway, but something of a greater importance came up!


8 Years ago, Kozmo came to live with Mom, Dad, Queen Penelope and the Hairy Slobbery Sisters – Bob and Sam!

Because we are in Midway, Mom was hoping to get into one of her old computers (that still has the Cat From Hell backups), but alas, she can’t find the powercords for them. She says she is bringing them back to Richmond and will check out what is on the computers before she wipes and recycles them.

We wanted to see pictures of Baby Kozmo! He was a rescue too! He and his litter mates were about 4 weeks old when they were found in a plastic bag hanging on the front door of Petsmart. The wonderful lady at the Humane Society nursed him (and his siblings) back to health and Mom and Dad adopted him when he was 3 months old! We celebrate his birthday on September 23 (but that is actually a guesstimate).

In lieu of Baby Pictures, we are going to see a collage of Kozmo picture from MY blogĀ  this last year.


And His FAVORITE picture!

King Kozmo

I gotta tell you, Kozmo is much more laid back at his house. There have been NO cat wars! No serenades as Kozmo sings the songs of our people! No flinging of litter! No peeing outside the box! Mom is happy.


Here is a shot of Ninja and Kozmo watching the snow fall and looking across to the other side of town!

And we are pawticipating in Awww Mondays with Comedy Plus!

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