Thursday Thanksfuls!


That’s right! Mommy is going by herself and letting me stay home.

I am pawticipating in Brian’s Thankful Thursday! Click his button to see all the other Thankfuls!


Ninja and I have been enjoying the lovely evening weather out in the catio! AND we have been telling jokes!


Mom may or may not post for Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnamon this weekend… We are hoping they get a chance.

We are also pawticipating in Comedy Plus’ Feline Friday!





Poetry and THANKFUL!

We may not get in another post until next week. We have a long weekend up here in Canada and we are going to Midway.  Today, Mom and me are going to pawticipate in Sammy and Teddy (at Two Spoiled Cats) Poetic Thursday!



Cowboy Coffee when its made right,

Will keep this ole guy up half the night.

Singing songs and rattl’n spurs

Lets you know hes got the jitters.

Too much caffeine I do dare say….

Still awake tomorrow? Its another Day!

Mom says there is nothing like it! All you need is just one…


Now the Thankfulness! Its Thankful Thursday! Click the button to go to Brian’s Blog where all the folks show their thankfulness on Thursday.


Remember how upset I was on Selfie Sunday? Here is another picture of some of the action.


I got my arm up to my shoulder out the top of the catio and Ninja ignored me!


I am so furry thankful!!

Today, after work, I go to go out on the deck!


I had a TON of fun and I came in when Mom asked! Maybe I’ll get to go out again!