Terrific Tuesday

Wooo!!! Hooo!!!

We got our new computer up and running!

Alas, it will take us a while to get all our software installed and getting used to the new keyboard layout.
I, Marvelous, have a question…if computers are the same brand and they are the same size and they have QUERTY keyboards, why are the important buttons (like Delete, Home, Page Up and Down and a few others are in different places…like we keep hitting Caps Lock insted of shift and \\\ which is right beside shift instead of a….)

And I got to find a new graphics program…we can’t find our installation media for our Adobe software so we most likely won’t have Photoshop ….

Tabby Tuesday

It was nice when Mom got home from work, so while she installed stuff on the new laptop and made a souffle for supper, I hung out in the catio – one burd even got 6 inches away from me!!!

Now I am resting up in my beddie from Spitty the Kitty! Setting up a computer is hard work!

Tabby Tuesday 2





Selfie on Sunday From Saturday

We had SUN!!! And we had sun ALL DAY!!!
Though it was colder than it is when it is raining, Mom opened up the catio so I could go out and watch the burds-up close and personal! I even sang to them!


Mom got a picture of me enjoying the outside! When I was not chasing Mom up and down the stairs (it was laundry and vacuum day) I was outside.


Thanks Mom! I had a wonderful day!
Now can you please scratch my ears?

I am pawticipating in The Cat On My Head’s Selfie Sunday!


You can click their Badge to go and see all the other pawticipants!