I am on Athena’s Artsy Caturday!

One of the coolest Tabby Cats that I follow is Athena the Cat Goddess and one of the things I LOVE to do is create Art for her Caturday Art. And I gotta say that I have missed pawticipating and I am glad to be back!

First off, click on Athena’s badge to see all the other Caturday art!

Here is a bland picture (Mom is a terrible photographer) of me and Mary Chris Moose!


Then I waved my magic wand …


And here is my ART!


Oh! We made it into a puzzle, click the picture or this LINK!!

I really LOVE ART, and Athena’s picture today is AWESOME!




Artsy Ninja

It’s Caturday and we made art!

And we are going to pawticipate in Athena’s Caturday Art Hop.


You Can click her button and see all the other great cat artists! Did you know it’s been one year since they¬† moved. That is so cool!


We got some interesting shots of Ninja this week. Unfortunately the color and the lighting were kind of cruddy…

First, Mom took the picture apart.

backgroundwith Ninja

Then we took it to the Deep Dream Generator and ran it with Stained Glass. (And we added Ninja’s Name)


Then, we took Ninja and ran him with the same filter, faded the background by 15% and added an Outside Glow.


I, Marvelous LOVE it! We made a puzzle!


I had Mommy take this horrible picture of me


And used the same filter!


We think we did a great job this week!

Purrs Marv & Ninja