Artsy Caturday with KOZMO!!!

We LOVE Athena the Cat GODDESS and I, Marvelous am pawticipating in her Artsy Caturday! YOU can click her button to go and see all the other Artists!


The Dad had a fall down the basement stairs in Midway. Because of work, Mom could NOT go. Alex went.


Ninja is not too happy…this is the look he gave Mommy when she got home tonight.

The Dad is OK. Just bruised. One of his legs is very sore. And his hurt back hurts (the Dad needs back surgery he has disintegrating discs). Alex will be there until Thursday and then Mom will go out for the long Easter weekend.


But because Alex is there, he took this magnificent picture of NINJA!

And I, Marvelous have turned it into a magnificent piece of ART!!


And THEN we though we could amp up the vibrancy!


We LOVE it!

And Kozmo wants to send his love to all the lady cats out there!



Love Mommy’s Man Cats!



There were leftovers to be done when Mom went back to work on Monday. She has been busy. And I thought things would get back to normal…WRONG!

Here is a shot of ME waiting for Mom to come home!


I sit on my tree and watch for her car…then when I hear the door open, I RUN down and roll on the bottom landing waiting to get my back rubbed!

THis is LUCY!


She is the size of a nickle and she lives on our deck! Mom says she is an Orb Weaver and has gotten used to Mom and Me. She does not run but keeps on doing what she is doing. She is my guest selfie!

You can click on The Cat on My Head‘s Button to see all the other pawticipants! Oh Yes! It is Copper Murphy’s Gottcha Day!!!


Here is NINJA!


He was waiting for his Dad to come home. Alex got home from vacation, but now he is leaving for 6 weeks of work! Ninja is a little despondent.


I’ve been trying to cheer him up, but I would be sad too if Mom went away for 6 weeks.

And this is Fritzie! He is a Friend of Mr Spitty (who won the painting for Marg’s Animals). He already has a portrait painted by Mommy and when he won, he wanted his furrend Fritzie immortalized!


Lastly, I have been missing doing the Caturday Art, so we did me!


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Now go and visit and then get your easy on!