Our Christmas Card

Hi Guys!

Joy 1.png

We have been having the time of our lives!

We can go out!

We can go in!

There is a basement to explore and loads of LOVELY nooks and crannies!
Mom has been working too hard though, and we have been unable to get her to help up blog. The house here has not been cleaned properly for 5 years and Daddy is a bit of a pack rat!

We are hoping that after Mommy gets the Townhouse in Richmond all cleaned and given back to the landlady and all the stuff here sorted away, we will get some posts out.

I did get Mommy to make us a Christmas Card and a Christmas header though!


We hope to see you all soon!



Alabaster Snowball, Bushy Evergreen, Pepper Minstix and Wunorse Openslae

It’s Selfie Sunday! First, I gotta thank the Cat Scouts for picking up the Elves and taking them back to the North Pole. Apparently they were NOT given the Sack…

They heard about all the Elf on The Shelf’s that were reporting back to Santa and asked for a transfer, but — they made their way to the townhouse before hearing anything from the Jolly Old Elf himself!

Alabaster Snowball, Bushy Evergreen, Pepper Minstix and Wunorse Openslae had a grand old time with Ninja and myself.

Mom, not so much…They are exactly like 12 year olds on a sugar high (that’s what Mom said) and they apparently have hollow legs…Its a good thing they did NOT like cat food.

I’ll tell you about our trip and visiting Midway tomorrow, in the meantime, our guest Selfie is a Multi-Selfie!


Oh yes… THe elfs have given me a list of their favorite jokes for your Sunday Funnies!
Alabaster: What was the elf’s favorite sport?
A: Miniature golf.

Bushy: How long was the elf’s legs?
A: Long enough to reach the ground.

Pepper: What do you call an elf who tells zany jokes?
A: A Christmas Card.

Wunorse: Why are elves such good house guests?
A: They only stay for a short time.

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Purrs Marv