Tranquility at last

Good Day Furrends!
Last night I, Marvelous


Jovial Jo Jo


Korageous Kozmo


and Contented Cinnamon


Did NOT play great thundering herds all evening and night!!

For the first time since they came back, we laid around while Mommy and Daddy watched some television after supper. And we did NOT chase around after the lights went out. And 3 of us even slept on the bed!

Mommy says it figures….
Daddy is taking Jo Jo, Kozmo and Cinnamon back to Midway today!

I shall miss them furry much.




Selfie Sunday #5

Good Day Dear Furrends!
What a week! Mommy became a BORG!


A little over a week ago, they put a PICC line in her arm. This last week she learned how to give herself her Antibiotics and does not have to go to the hospital every day.

Now its selfie time!


I am busy can you please start with somebody else Mommy?


Jo Jo wants to send everybody loads of head butts!


I’m still busy, come back later Mommy!


Kozmo is a little miffed that I, Marvelous have the wand toy! But hes happy to see you too!


Mommy, I’m just about done…do Cinnie and I will get ready!


Yes…Cinnamon IS waiting for her ball to be thrown!

Selfie-Marv 3

OK Mommy, I am ready! And I want to send out special Purrayers to Phoebe at 15 and Meowing! She is furry ill and her family could use our support.

Also Zoe from Animal Shelter Volunteer Life‘s Kevin and Tracy went over the bridge. We are sending them our Love, Purrs and Strength!


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Meowing Like a Pirate!

Ahoy Maties!!!

It is I, Marvelous also knows as 2nd Mate Fishbait Magee, and my crew members Kozmo (Old Sea Legs Yeager) Jo Jo (Frog Lady Cassandra) and Cinnamon (Racy Lacey Grog Master) and our Captain Angel Queen Penelope are setting sail on the good ship Lollipop!


We are heading over to Captain Speedy’s and we hope you are too! It will be the best Pirate gathering ever!!!

I am so very excited!

I even have an official Pirate Portrait!

Marv-TalkLikeAPirate-2017 copyPurrs


Selfie Sunday #4

What a week!

Thursday evening Daddy, Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnamon came back to my townhouse!

I, Marvelous have been having great fun chasing (and terrorizing) Komo and Jo Jo up and down the stairs after the parents go to bed! Kozmo has a very loud growl and MMMEEERRRROOOWWW!

Mommy and Daddy do not seem to appreciate my exhibiting my authority!

I, however, believe I am KING of my Castle!

Selfie Sunday 9-17

Daddy took a shot of Kozmo when he told him he was coming to Vancouver


I think he is saying NNNoooooooooOOOOoooooo!!!

And a shot of Jo Jo


She was trying to eat her breakfast before the journey.

And Ever ready Cinnamon!

GE DIGITAL CAMERAAre you packed yet Daddy?

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This week they are Celebrating Allie and Raz’s Daddy who went over the bridge this week. We are so very sad and send Alie Raz and their Mommy all our love and strength!



Caturday Art #3

Hi Furrends!

It has been a while since my Mommy has helped me write a post. But I, Marvelous, said we should blog once this week. I have much news!


Here are the 3 of us enjoying the warm weather on Wednesday evening.I was inside and was a little miffed that Kozmo was in my spot, instead of his at the top of the catio, but Jo Jo gets very angry if she is disturbed.


Cinnamon, Jo Jo, and Kozmo (and Daddy) went home Thursday. I was unsure why Daddy was taking them to his truck and did not take me! And when my Mommy came home, I was sad they were gone and I told her that!


Today, my Mommy slept in. This was strange. Cinnamon is very good at getting my Mommy out of bed at 6 am no matter what day of the week it is. I felt it was my duty to make sure that she awaken and get me my breakfast, but she told me that breakfast would be later this morning. I felt that was OK. I snuggled up and we went back to sleep. When Mommy got up, she immediately got me my breakfast.

She had errands but when she got home, we took some photos and my Mommy and I did our Caturday Art! I am quite pleased. Today we did not use any online programs, but we took my photo and Mommy showed me how we use Photoshop. I am very pleased with the result.

First, here is the photo!


And here is our Photoshop Watercolour of ME! Marvelous!


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Caturday Art #2

OK, Marv is difficult to get a picture of. He is constantly on the move!

Jo Jo asked if she could be the Caturday Art model and she posed!


We loaded it into Photoshop and cropped it…


Then we cut out the background


Next we went into the filters and added Poster Edges (Filters>Artistic)


Then we added a swirl background


Next step … Dreamscope!


We picked this filter and waited… we waited for Mommy and Daddy, who escaped and went shopping for 9 hours!!!

And this is the final result!


We also did one for fun of Cinnamon, and can’t tell you what we did as we were not paying attention… BUT we LOVE it!

We think it is even BETTER!!!


You can see all the other great pet art on Athena’s Blog!
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Selfie Sunday #2

Hi Furrends!


I wanted to tell you that I have NOT bitten (or scratched) my Mommy in 3 days! I now come out of my sanctuary in the evening–and last night, I sat on the sofa while my Mommy was reading. The horrible beast was laying on the floor, Kozmo was in the catio and Jo Jo was laying on the top of the cat tree.  Also, I no longer hiss and growl at the horrible beast, I do not run away until she tries to smell me.

Today Mommy was laying on the sofa (all day) as she is still not well and watched television and read. I was in my sanctuary (though the door was open). The horrible beast played chase the ball down the stairs most of the day, Kozmo spent his day in the catio, and Jo Jo, well I am not too sure where she was…. Just before supper time, Mommy said it was selfie time!


Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! Cinnamon is waiting for Mommy to throw the ball!!


Jo Jo at the top of the cat tree…can you tell she is miffed that Mommy made her turn around to look at the phone?


Kozmo was having trouble pushing the button of the phone (or was this when I whapped his butt?)

SS-2-5And lastly is me! I am cuddling with my Mommy and I was smiling!

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BlogHopAlso, last week I, Marvelous was interviewed by for their Worldwide Bloggers! It was very exciting!
They are in New Zealand, I am an Iranian cat who now lives in Vancouver!
If you have not read my interview yet, you can click the button and be transported to their site to read about me!

Dash-InterviewMany Purrs

Fun On Friday!

FIRST! I want to thank Ms Ann (and Mr Doug and Ms Zoe of Zoolatry) for the most beautiful header! I am honoured!!!


I thought I would surprise my Mommy.  After she gets home from work, she she opens up the catio, my sanctuary door and takes the horrible beast for a walk.

When she gets back she cuts up chicken and heats up rice for the beast, gives us all some chicken tidbits and then she sits down in her chair.

Today, I surprised her!


When she came out to the living room I was in the Catio with Kozmo.

It is glorious! The breeze is fresh and the birds are so very close!


Oh Dear!
The horrible beast has finished eating and she is coming towards the catio!
Will I be trapped?


Thank Baast!
My Mommy is throwing the beast’s ball for her to chase!
I am safe…but I think I shall go  to my sanctuary anyway.

دوست عزیز عزیزم



(Almost) Selfie Sunday (#1)

Good Day dear furrends.

What an adventure yesterday! When my Mommy opened the door to the bedroom in the morning, I rushed out to greet my brother Kozmo! He and I touched noses. There was NO hissing or growling. As Mommy was going to stay home all day and rest, she left the door open. I (sort of) liked that. And I (sort of) did NOT like that.

My new sister Jo Jo and I were OK. I hissed and growled back at her (she started it). But I do NOT like Cinnamon! Every time I see her, I growl and hiss. When I tried to come down the stairs to the main level – where all the fun and excitement happen, she would come and greet me. I would run back upstairs and under my bed!

Last night, when my Mommy went to bed, she did not close the door. This was disturbing for me. I did not want the other animals in my space! Especially I did NOT want that horrible beast of a dog under my bed! That is my SANCTUARY!

Finally, Mommy got everyone out and she and Kozmo and Jo Jo and Cinnamon left and went to bed in the other room. I wanted my Mommy to come and sleep with me…so I yelled at her, she came back and slept with me..for a while. She spent half the night in the other bedroom and half the night with me.

Right now I am in the bedroom by myself. Mommy says shes “I AM Not up for your shenanigans, little boy!”  I don’t understand, I only bit her 8 times this morning!

Now here are some selfies of us for your viewing pleasure. None of us wanted to take any and none of us cooperated (except that horrible dog!)

First is Kozmo


That Kid BITES too much!


THIS is what I think of that BRAT!!


WELL! THIS is what I think of the 2 of YOU!!!


Mommy, you are so very tasty! Er Lovable!


That could not have hurt…you are only bleeding from 4 holes…


I told you to be careful Mommy! How many bandaids do you have on your hands now…? I count 10!


Oh My Cod!!! Quit bleeding on my Catio!!! It will scare the birds away!!!

And Last but not least CINNAMON!!!


Just throw the ball!!! Ignore the blood and the gore! Throw my Ball! Throw my Ball!

بسیاری از خواسته های خوب



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It’s their 3rd Anniversary

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PS We were sad to read about Mitalee Honeybee and Esme at Critters in The Cottage! We just now read about it as Mommy has been so very sick and has NOT been keeping up. We LOVE LP and all the Critters. We send our Love, and much Strength.

Starting to get comfortable


Good day dear furrends. I am starting to get used to my new home! I still like to go under the bed when my new Mommy comes into my room, but I will come out for treats…I have discovered I LOVE chicken. And last night I jumped on the bed in the middle of the night and demanded some pets and plays!

I have started to talk to too! I meow at my new Mommy and I meowed back at Kozmo after mommy got home from work today.  I have thought about leaving the bedroom too! When Mommy came in to play with me I peeked out the door and I would have run for the stairs…but THAT DOG was there!


And I played with Mommy for quite a while too. Alas, Mommy is very terrible at playing and taking pictures at the same time. She got lots of blurry pictures of the back of my head, half paws and pictures of the floor.

Mommy is feeling better, the medication she inhales has been helping. She slept better last night as she was not coughing too much.

I told her she should take some picture if my furblings too! They have found it difficult to NOT sleep with Mommy all night. Because I am in Mommy’s bedroom they can not come in. Mommy has been sleeping part of the night in the spare room with them and the other part in her bed with me. I wish she would spend the whole night with me, but I guess Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnamon want to sleep with her too.  I will let them.


My sister Jo Jo and I look very much alike. She and I are just about the same size but my  mother says my tail and head are much more manly!


My brother Kozmo spends a lot of time lying at the bottom of the closed door to my room. He talks to me all the time too. I have put my paw under the door to touch him. He is very soft!

And then there is the noisy slobbery beast!


Mommy says that she is a very friendly girl who LOVES cats and would only kiss me, but I am sure she would BITE me with her huge teeth! She barks too and that really scares me! Mommy says that tomorrow is Saturday and she will not have to go to work…she says she will put Kozmo and Jo Jo and Cinnamon in the other bedroom and let me explore the house for a little while. I am looking forward to that!

I am celebrating Friends on Friday with Ann at Zoolatry (and Zoe and Dougie the dog) Queen Penelope could not say enough about how they are so furry helpful with all the animals in the blogosphere! That they are the Best!!!


Look at the wonderful picture Ann made of me!

بسیاری از خواسته های خوب

Purrs Marv