Happy Thanksgiving Day!

YES!! It is Turkey day in Canada!!!

Are we having Turkey?

No Turkey

But we will have something yummy….Right Mom?


And we have wishes for you our furrends…


Dear furrends…we are very Thankful And de Tabbies of Trout Towne will be furry happy to know – we are having SALMON!!

SLCC weekly barbecue.  Smoked salmon, venison sliders, and bannock bread.

We are pawticipating in Comedy Plus’ Awww Monday




AND a special ThanksgivingĀ  shout out for Ann at Zoolatry! She does so many graphics for the Animal Blogosphere and we are so furry Thankful!

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If you’d like to view her Holiday PhotoArt collection
just click here.

Would you believe it’s been a week?

Did you miss us?

Jo Jo

It has been miserable!


We have not even been going out in the catio–too HOT and too SMOKY


The young guys have not even been wrestling


Even Cinnamon has been laying around and


Poor Mom got a cold!

Now the temperature has dropped and Mom feel better we are back!

Now we are going to do the Friday fill ins!

Fill-insClick the button to go to Four Legged Fur Balls to see all the other fill in links. And you ca go see the co-hosts – 15 and Meowing!

1. Cinnamon says, Playing ball brings out the best in me.
2. Jo Jo says, those rotten teenage boy cats, Marv and Ninja chasing me makes me grumpier than Grumpy Cat.

3. Kozmo says, If money grew on trees, I would fly as far, far away from those teenagers as I possibly could!

4. Ninja says, I have a fear of vacuums! And Gramma sucks up the hairballs when she comes home very night and I hiss when she comes near my cat tree!

And I Marvelous have a fear of almost EVERYTHING!

We are also pawticipating in Comedy Plus’ Feline Fridays


See you tomorrow!


The Mom here, sorry we have not been around. The smoke has been awful. Combine that with catching a cold that has been circulating around our office…

We are hoping the changes in the weather and some rain will make life a whole lot more fun for Koz, Jo Jo, Marv, and Ninja!