July 4th – US Independence Day!

WoWzers! We just got over Canada Day and I find that our Southern Neighbors are celebrating their special day too!


Here at the Marvelous Townhouse it is Hump Day!


That means we have Chicken for supper! We post Wordless Wednesday (except this week). This week we are going to celebrate with my American Furrends!


Even though we are NOT Wordless…we are pawticipation in

Wordless Wednesday at Comedy Plus




3 Tuxis and Fillins

Here is a picture of Kozmo, Austin and Katie Isabella at the pub! I hear they had a grand time!
One of the waitresses caught this photo of the Tuxie Twins (Kozmo and Austin) and the beautiful Katie Isabella out and gallivanting!
Now for the Friday FillINS
I, Marvelous shall answer ALL of them!
  1. My favorite scent is TUNA!
  2. I hope to see KOZMO, Cinnamon and Jo Jo leave my townhouse this weekend. (Kozmo thinks HE is the top cat! Hrrrmmmppphh!
  3. The Rattle in my Ratty is music to my ears.
  4. Home is where I rule.
Now it’s your turn!
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