Selfie Sunday with Guests!

I, Marvelous, have been an only cat for almost a week. I have been super Lovey to Mom and Dad and I have even shared my bed with Cinnamon! Yes, We have been spotted sleeping on it during the day!


Ninja will get to continue his vacation until next weekend as his Dad is doing yard work and cleaning the garage in Midway. Mom will be heading out next weekend to take Dad back and she will spend the night and then come back for work next week.

We are ALL going to pawticipate in The Cat On My Head’s Selfie Sunday this week!

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First, here is a blurry picture of Cinnamon. I apologize. My Mom is a terrible picture taker and quite often she can “fix” things with Photoshop, but this one in “UnFixable”.


Cinnie LIVES to chase balls!

Next is Kozmo!


HE thinks he is a Romeo – like Mr Spitty… I think he needs lessons.

Then it is my pal Ninja, who is LOVING being able to go outside! He is being very good and hanging around his Dad when his Dad is outside and coming in when his Dad comes in.


This is a photo of him enjoying the sunpuddles on Grampa’s bed. He is talking to Jo Jo.

And she is up next!

28-04-Jo Jo

She is laying on Cinnamon’s bed on the floor beside the bed! She is laughing at Ninja!

Now here is a weird shot of me in the cat tree in the living room.


You can’t see it in this picture, but there is a bird sitting on the divider on the deck.


A Red Tailed Hawk is looking for the Dove that he knocked out of the sky! He sat there for quite a while and then he went looking for another supper. The Dove was hiding and is sitting in that spot now.


And Lastly, a selfie of my Dad. He is feeling better but still has some trouble walking. His back is bothering him lots. I, Marvelous, have let him pet me and I purr. I know that makes him feel a whole bunch better.

Cat Purrs are MAGIC!


I thought I would get Mom to do some ART! I think it makes a great new signature!