Happy Labor Day!

McGuffy’s who was hosting the Sparks is on hiatus, we are going to keep posting them anyway!  She says “I truly do believe we are meant to be lights in this world. If we allow our light to shine, we can see where we are going. It is then that we can begin to truly see each other clearly. There is hope. Together, we can light up the entire world!

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Here is my Spark for this week!


Mes knows it is a special holiday here in Canada and the US but Worker’s Day is May 1 in most of the rest of the world. If yous lives elsewhere, does yous guys has a holiday this weekend too?
Mommy has been reading the great Canadian Classic – Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Maud Montgomery (in 1908).  Mommy liked this book when she was little as she had red hair and a stellar imagination. When Mommy was looking for a special quote that she could only remembers part of, she discovered it was from the Anne Books and a voyage of rediscovery has begun.

That is why she picked this quote this week, “I believe that the nicest and sweetest of days are not those which anything splendid or wonderful or exciting happened, but just those that bring simple little pleasures, following one another, like pearls slipping off a string.” by Lucy Maud Mongomery.

Mes, Nellie Bellie, believes this too and mes trys to reminds Mommy and Marv of this eah and every day! Does yous have simple pleasures that brings yous delight?


Mes has the bestest furrends and they is my pearls!

Wes is also pawticipating in Awww Monday!