Floods and Art! Oh! My!

About 3 years ago, Nellie and I moved to Vancouver.

Dave (the Dad) Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnamon still live in Midway BC, It is a teeny tiny very rural village of 680 people sitting right on the Canada-US border.


The Kettle River flows behind the house. Throughout most of the year it looks very much like the picture above. This year there has been a very large snow pack (200% over normal) and with warm weather and rain…yesterday the river rose to almost 2 feet above the record levels set in 1948 of 21.2 feet. It reached 23 feet (flood stage is 17 feet). Further, the whole of southern BC is flooding and with the heavy and deep snow pack…we will have high water levels for much longer than normal.

behind the house

The people across the Kettle River had been under evacuation order since yesterday morning. Our house sits on the high side of the river…but Dave said another foot of water could have seen it in our yard and 2 more feet in the basement. I don’t know yet how our friends across the river have fared. I am praying there is not a whole lot of damage.

I had my own business in Grand Forks, BC for years, and the city has been hit extremely hard. They sit on the confluence of 3 rivers…the Kettle, the Granby and the North Fork.


Above is a shot of the main street. I’ve posted a video of the main highway through town on my Facebook page. Several longtime businesses (particularly an Art Gallery and a Book Store) have been hit very hard and most likely will not reopen. The cleanup will be tougher than after the fires 3 summers ago especially for those who rebuilt after the fire to lose it in this flood.


Onto happier things!

For this week’s art, Marv wanted something special…something to commemorate Avengers the Infinity War...He wanted to be in a CARTOON!

We followed a Photoshop tutorial…we only had to start over once and it took about 2 hours to complete. I believe that doing it a second time would only take about an hour. There are a few things I would change on a second go round, but I will try it again, with a more colorful picture.


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