I’m Tabby and Its Tuesday

Hi Mommy! You are home!

Have I told you lately that I love you?

Did you have a good day at work?

I love getting treats in the bedroom when you get hoome

I really like the treats that are upstairs better than the ones downstairs. Do you think we can get new ones for downstairs?

What!?! They are the same upstairs as downstairs?

Lets go check them out…

Oh Yes…We are pawticipating in Comedy Plus’ Tuesday Fun!


Oh Mom, I must tell you, there has been a frog hanging around … his name is Kermie….

Tabby07-16-1with frog

Bwa Haa!! Haaa!!!
I crack myself up!


Caturday Art

Hi Furrends!
I know that many of you are having loads and loads of heat! I would sure like some of that here. It has been cool here. Mom says it is comfortable for sleeping. Even though she has been thrashing about! I have been sleeping in my blue bed downstairs.

We thought we would like to so something artsy this week!


Here is one of Mom’s typical shots…kind of blurry (and has her feet in it because I was sitting on her. I was looking outside because Mom was trying to get me to look at the camera for Selfies and I did not want to look.

We loaded the blurry picture into Prizma and tried a couple of things. We did not think anything of it, until we downloaded the pictures off the camera tonight.


It looked really interesting…

First, we removed the background and duplicated the layer


And filled the background of the bottom copy with a nice avocado green

And we added tiger stripes…we copied and reversed them. And put that layer between the two Marvs.


Then we chose to exclude the stripes layer, that made it so the white was invisible and the green from the bottom shone through.


We then went in and added some green and yellow to Marv’s eyes, a little pink to his nose and white to his whiskers, plus some green in the fur around his eye brow.

Finally we added the frame


We are pawticipating in Athena’s Caturday Art! Click on her badge so you can see all the other great art!



PS We were just at Athena’s to get her link and discovered it is her Mum’s Birthday! We LOVE Birthdays here!

HappyBirthday AthenasMum