Sunday Selfie and A Road Trip!

Road Trip.png

I, Marvelous inherited this lovely yellow Camero from Queen Penelope. She used it in a couple of her blog posts and now I have used it to pick Madi up and take her out for her 16th birthday!

I have just learned how to drive! I never had any lessons either! And Madi was not too scared at all.

Mom learned how to drive in a 1957 Chevy…she also at one point drove a blue car just like the one in Madi’s badge. Both was before she actually had a license.

Here is the link to Madi’s Linky!

It is the 3rd one on the Hippty Hoppity Page!!

Happy Birthday Madi!


And NOW here is my EASY Selfie for Sunday!

3-11-18 selfie

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