Selfie Sunday with Marv, Koz, Jo Jo and Cinnie

We are going to pawticipate in The Cat on My Head’s Selfie Sunday!

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We are also sending many purrayers for Cooper Murphy who has been under the weather.

My furrblings have gone home, back to Midway. They were fun to have around. Before they left, we took some selfies! First up is Kozmo!


He did enjoy being here, but he’s even happier to be back home. He LOVES his yard.


Here is me and Jo Jo on the bed. We actually got along really well. She and I are just about the same size.


I’m still not to sure about my hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon. Kozmo and Jo Jo got along with her and the last couple of days I did not run and hide when she came near me, but I still hissed.

1-7-MarvThey went home on Thursday, so Mommy and I have been back on our regular routine for 3 days. I have missed snuggling and I have been a total cuddler.

Have a most wonderful Sunday!




Christmas Eve Selfies

It is the day before Christmas (or as my furrends the Canadian Cats, Shoko and Kali calls it Crisp Mouse). We are going to pawticipate in The Cat on My Head’s Selfie Sunday!


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We are having a pretty normal day. Mommy is baking, Dad is taking Cinnamon for a walk and I, Marvelous am hiding from ALL the visitors.

We were all ready to take selfies! First up is the beautiful Jo Jo! She and I are the same size and we are both Tabbies, but I have a bigger head and bigger feet and she has a pointed chin and a longer tail!


Next up is the hairy slobbery sister, Cinnamon! She is always tearing around and she scares the heck out of me! I Hisss! most of the time when I see her. And then I run up to my sanctuary.


Next is Kozmo! He Hisses at me when ever he sees me! Well, not every time. We are starting to get along… He is Agent 008 of the FBI (Feline Beaurau of Investigation) he is ALWAYS impeccably dressed and he LOVES the lady cats. He wanted them to see his profile… Mommy says his fur feels like velvet.

Selfie Koz

Last is ME! Mommy is happy that I am coming out of my shell and we are hoping I will be downstairs tomorrow for all the festivities!

Selfie Marv

Finally, we will be hanging our socks in front of the fire for Sandy Claws tonight…I am purraying for all homeless kitties to get forever homes and for some stinky treats!! AND to open my Secret Santa box. I WILL share some of my booty with Koz and Jo, while they are here.