Tuxie Tuesday with Kozmo

I sure hope Katie Isabella does not see this post. My love life will be ruined!


I have had a horrible time. I have had issues with my ears, since way back when we were in Vancouver. They itch and I scratch.  But I scratched so hard, I made them raw. When they start to heal, they itch more, and I scratch more! Mom sent me a collar. I think I look like a stupid flower!


It’s pretty embarrassing. I try to scratch through the collar, but it does not work. And I’ve gotten the collar off a few times and scratched them raw again!

And you know what’s the worst…Jo Jo giggles so hard she falls over, every time she looks at me!

I really wanted to look like this for Valentines Day!

Kozmo3 copy

Suave and debonair.

Will you be my Valentine?

Love Kozmo






Nellie’s Spark #2

Oh Furrends, has it been a week since mes posted my last Spark?
It seems like yesterday. I has been having the most glorious week.
On Caturday, Katie Isabella posted my Gift 46 that mes did did of her and me.

Gift 46 copy

When she saw it, my dear furrend, Admiral Hestorb called mes and said, “Nellie Bellie, you and I shall have a Tea Party with Katie Isabella!” So, we waited for her to has a nap (because that is when us kitties OTB can visits) .
Mes tooked a picture of us having Tea!


It is grand have Grrl Furrends!!!
Wes had the bestest time catching Katie up on all the antics of the man-cats who are now OTB and she told us all about all her beaus..Austin yous is a naughty boy…

Mes is pawticipating  in McGuffy Reader’s Sparks!
I LOVE them! They uplift me!!
Click the badge to goes to their site and see all the other pawticipants.

Sparks Badge

Now here is mine!

Spark copy


Mes can’t wait to sees yous next week!


Tuxie Thursday

Hi Furrends! This is my first post on Marv’s blog.
I would tell you how we are getting along, but I am sure you are tired of hearing about him…


Marv’s hijinx are starting to wear me down, playing referee between him and Jo Jo is really getting tiring, I need some ADULT company!
And I remembered reading that Katie Isabella got a new tunnel.
So, I used Nellie’s old tunnel here, to visit her.


Katie is the hostess with the mostest!
We had a GRAND time!
I would tell you some of the antics we got into…
But a Gentleman Cat NEVER kisses and tells!
(my twin – Austin taught me that! You rock Buddy…we need to go out for libations and catch up…)


I can’t wait for my next visit!!!
Here’s a Kiss for you Sweet Cheeks!!!


Now I will have the most pleasant of dreams….


Head Butts!