Tuxie Tuesday with Kozmo

I sure hope Katie Isabella does not see this post. My love life will be ruined!


I have had a horrible time. I have had issues with my ears, since way back when we were in Vancouver. They itch and I scratch.  But I scratched so hard, I made them raw. When they start to heal, they itch more, and I scratch more! Mom sent me a collar. I think I look like a stupid flower!


It’s pretty embarrassing. I try to scratch through the collar, but it does not work. And I’ve gotten the collar off a few times and scratched them raw again!

And you know what’s the worst…Jo Jo giggles so hard she falls over, every time she looks at me!

I really wanted to look like this for Valentines Day!

Kozmo3 copy

Suave and debonair.

Will you be my Valentine?

Love Kozmo






Selfie Sunday with Marv, Koz, Jo Jo and Cinnie

We are going to pawticipate in The Cat on My Head’s Selfie Sunday!

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We are also sending many purrayers for Cooper Murphy who has been under the weather.

My furrblings have gone home, back to Midway. They were fun to have around. Before they left, we took some selfies! First up is Kozmo!


He did enjoy being here, but he’s even happier to be back home. He LOVES his yard.


Here is me and Jo Jo on the bed. We actually got along really well. She and I are just about the same size.


I’m still not to sure about my hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon. Kozmo and Jo Jo got along with her and the last couple of days I did not run and hide when she came near me, but I still hissed.

1-7-MarvThey went home on Thursday, so Mommy and I have been back on our regular routine for 3 days. I have missed snuggling and I have been a total cuddler.

Have a most wonderful Sunday!



First Caturday Art of 2018

We are pawticipating In Athena’s Caturday Art!
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Back before Christmas, we went to Dreamscope and did some pictures. AND we forgot about them!

Mommy was so furry busy this week its a good thing she got all my posts ready early. She was going to by-pass Artsy Caturday this week, but then we remembered and we went to see if they had finished processing and they had!

First is a picture of me where I wa peeking over the sofa…

ArtsyCaturday1 copy

I like the bright colours! And speaking of colours…look at this picture of Kozmo!


Kozmo was out mouse hunting today. Apparently he was bounding around in the snow like porpoises do in water…Alas Dad did NOT get a photo!