Red Boxes for Madi!

On Memorial Day, I, Marvelous had the most fun!

Madi and LeahOpening Act

I was the opening act for the Diva Slippers! (Madi and Princess Leah!)


I was furry sad this last week when I read about my (and Queen Penelope’s) great furrend Madi went OTB! So is Blogville and the Cat Blogosphere!

To honor his best Grrl, Raz at Friends FurEver is hosting102eb-madi2527s2bhop.pngClick the button to go to the Hop at Arty Jakey and Rosy at Living Laughing Barking in Our Backyards Hippty Hops Page.

To honor Madi — Ninja and I played in a Red Box!


After we danced around the box..ignoring treats that were thrown in and the red dot…We figured we would just tell a JOKE in Madi’s honor!

Drum roll please!


We LOVED Madi with all our heart! We KNOW that she and the other Crochety Cougars (and Queen Penelope) are OTB and partying hearty and visiting everyone who is pawticipating! I can’t wait! Its going to be


Purrs Marv & Ninja


Lighthouse Day!

Today, August 7th, is National Lighthouse Day in the United States. (But I, Marvelous am pawticipating, even though I am a Canadian). To go to the blog hop and see loads of other lighthouses, click on Arty, Jakey and Rosie’s Badge. They are hosting the blog hop!


Mom lived in a most beautiful place on the West Coast of Vancouver Island called Sooke. And one place she LOVED to visit was the Sheringham Lighthouse. To get to the Sheringham Lighthouse, you take Sooke Road (BC 14 – West Coast Road) west for approximately 15.6 km or 9.6 miles beyond Sooke. You then watch for the yellow traffic sign for the Fire Hall. When you see the Community Hall and Fire Hall on the left side of the road – watch for Sheringham Point Road and when you get there, you turn left. You continue to the parking lot (on the right). And then watch for the trail head sign. You then walk down to the lighthouse.


Built in 1912 following the fatal wreck of the SS Valencia six years earlier, it is still used for navigation. It is now managed by the Sheringham Lighthouse Society and is being refurbished. You can find all kinds of information about it and take a virtual tour on their website.

Society Buttom

Right by the lighthouse is one of Kokanee’s  (a before Woofy) FAVORITE swimming beaches, called FLEA BEACH! Mom says Cinnamon did not see any when they were there with her this spring.

Flea Beach

One last look at the lighthouse!


If you are ever on Vancouver Island, this lighthouse is well worth the visit! It is about an hour and a half from Victoria. And if you want to make it as a Lunch destination, the Shirley Delishious restaurant on Sheringham Point Road is the best!


And me and the Lighthouse did a joke just for

Comedy Plus and Happy Tuesday!