Thankful Thursday

CK had a list of 12 things and I thought that I’d let you guys know more about ME and make it my THANKFUL list too!

  1. What’s your favorite number? Numbers are like gold coins—you might see a lot of them, but they’re all wonderful. Mine is 900085000216026 – It is my MICROCHIP number! And I am thankful that I have one!
  2. What’s your dream job? My job is to make my Mom relax. And I am thankful that it is an EASY job!
  3. What is something no one would ever guess about you? I greet my Mom at the door when she comes home…no matter how long she is gone and I lie down and want my back rubbed! I am thankful that Mom loves it as much as me!
  4. A trait you have that people would be shocked to know about you? I don’t make biscuits! I do love to play and Mom is thankful for that!
  5. Do you think aliens are real? Of course…I talk to them…don’t you? I am thankful that they speak cat!
  6. Can you use a hooded litter box? Do they come without hoods? I am thankful that I have 3 boxes…especially when Kozmo and Jo Jo come to visit.
  7. Guilty pleasure? I am not guilty about any of my pleasures. If you enjoy something, you should never feel guilty. And I am thankful for that!
  8. If the world ends (as you know it) do you want to survive? Only if my Mom was there too!
  9. Do you have any outstanding markings? I am a mackerel tabby and my markings are exceptional (or so my Mom says) and I am thankful that she thinks that.
  10. Favorite kitten game that you played? Leap on feet from under the bed and I am thankful that Mom does not mind that game either!
  11. Do you purr to yourself? Sometimes and I talk to myself too! I am thankful that I am a good conversationalist.
  12. Milk or tuna juice?  Tuna juice, ham juice, beef juice, chicken hen juice – I have never had milk.. and I am thankful that Mom puts warm water on my canned food.

I am thankful for my Mom, my new burd tv and the new Identity card Mom got for me from Tags for Hope!


They have 2 sizes, one that goes on a collar but Mom thought it would be a little big for me (I am a furry small cat) and a card that looks just like Mom’s Driver’s License!

We got one just for me, but Mom likes it so much she is going to get one for Kozmo and Jo Jo.  For Cinnamon, she is going to get the collar tag and the wallet card!

NOTE: We bought this on our own, we are not affiliated with or getting anything for free from Paws For Hope..

Now we are thankful for you my furrends! We are so happy that you stop by, read our blog and comment (We LOVE to hear from you) and we are especially that Brian has got his blog back up and running!!! I bet he is too! And I am especially thankful to pawticipate in his Thankful Thursday Blog Hop! Click on his button to see all the other pawticipants!