Merry Christmas Eve!


I, Marvelous, am waiting for my human brother and Ninja to get back from Richmond. Ninja went with Alex to Richmond to clean the townhouse for Mom! They spend days getting rid of “stuff” at the Thrift Store and the Dump. Then they cleaned everything top to bottom.  Mommy is grateful and feels blessed!

We thought we would like to wish you a Very Happy Holiday Season!

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Sunny Midway

A couple of days ago, after Mom got up and went to work, Alex and Ninja took off in his car. I was left at home, alone, with Dad and the horrible beast Cinnamon. I hid.


When Mom came home, I came downstairs and was hanging out in the catio and wondering where the heck Ninja was…when Mom’s phone barked!


It was Jo Jo and she was LAUGHING her head off!

Ninja was THERE! In Midway, with Kozmo, Jo Jo and Alex!


Hey Dude! Said Ninja. I have just had the best day EVER! First I got to see all kinds of Mountains from the car.


And to snooze in some mega sunpuddles and then when I got to Grampa’s house (he calls my human Dad Grampa cus My human Dad is his Dad’s Dad) I got to run around OUTSIDE!! No leash! No Harness! BARE FURS!!!


Kozmo showed me all his cool hangouts, and then Jo Jo called us in for supper.


We had some TUNA right out of the tin and then I told them some of our jokes!

You know the ones…

Both Looking2


I think I am a tad Jealous..

.The whole gang might be coming back this weekend … I hope…


But I am going to PAWTICIPATE in Brian’s Thankful Thursday! I am thankful my Dad is feeling a little better, and that the Horrible Beast Cinnamon ignores me and that Ninja is getting to have a vacation.  And I am thankful for you my furrends! Now click on Brian’s button to go and view all the other thankfulness!