Caturday Art with Marv

Hi Guys! It is Caturday  and I, Marvelous am pawticipating in Athena’s Blog Hop!

I usually try to get my art up on Friday evenings, but since Mom broke her arm, we have been late.

I must tell you though, Mom is doing better. She is sleeping better (and so am I).

This week, we created some Photoshop art.


This is me and Mom playing on the bed. First we did some filters and color and hue adjustment. Then we used the cutout filter


We added some color overlays and used the find the edge. And added a bubble pattern.


Then we adjusted the colors and then we stopped!

Artsy Marv

I think it now looks like a watercolor!

I know the individual changes are not that dramatic, but the change from a bad photo to the final picture is cool!
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Marv’s Caturday Art

This week we tried some photoshopping. Mom needed a break from working and she was going to catch up on posting on my furrends blogs and then i reminded her that we were going to some real art and manybe we could do it for this week!
She said OK and this is the result…

It was fun!  But I forgot to keep track of all the stuff that she did…She THINKS she can remember…we will try it again and she will write it down this time.


If you are wondering…YES…that is me from Friday!


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