Thursday Flashback – Thoughts from Nellie

Until Mommy can gets a new computer, mes is helping out and posting some of my favorite posts from my old blog on Marv’s Blog!
This is from my Thoughtful post!
Mes has been thinking about us cats and mes come up with some great stuff!!!
The QUESTION is at the top of the picture and the answer is after.
 Cats rule, but not by much! There are about 105.6 million cats compared to about 91.3 million dogs in the US and Canada.
Us cats live about 14-16 years so plan on taking care of us for a LONG time!

Us cats has floating collar bones, that means our heads is about the largest part of our bodies (though our tummies can get bigger). So, if our head fits through a tight space, usually the rest of us will too!! Ask Mommy about the sun roof in the car…..
b-8-10 years!
Wes catnaps about 12 to 16 hours a day! Like peoples we has 3 different types of sleep and during REM sleep, yous can see our whiskers twitch, or ears and eyes and legs move!!!!
Like dogs, chocolate is toxic to us cats!!!
It can cause heart problems, increase blood pressure, and cause seizures!
Mes sticking to cat treats (right now my purrsonal favorite is freeze dried salmon!)
Just like peoples and dogs and horses, wes can bes lefties or righties (mes a rightie)
Some research peoples watched us and which paw wes reached for our food (or toys) with!
About half (50%) reached with their right, 40% with their left and 10% is anbidexterous!!!
The LAST Question!!!
Nope! Meowing is what we use to talks to humans. We talks to each other with purrs, hisses, screeches and shrieking!!! (LOADS of that is happening at the Townhouse right now-Kozmo shrieks at MARV!!)
We also use body language, and scent things and wes even been known to bes like our wild relatives and scratch wood (Mes prefers sofas…..)
And those are my thoughts for the day. Does yous have a cat fact mes did not talks about that yous would like to share? Inquiring minds like to knows!!!


Grief is the deepest emotion I have ever felt; a combination of devastation, despair, powerlessness, and existential fear. But it was not all bad, for in that dark time I still found moments of light: the beautiful memories that remained of her life. I wanted to hold the memories. I wanted to touch them. I wanted them to materialize.

I was overcome with an immeasurable desire to tell and retell to everyone who would listen about every moment I could remember spending with her. I saw this happening to our family and friends. We desperately needed to keep her memories alive. Memories were all we had left of her.

But I encountered a conundrum that many others did not. I realized that much of what we were sharing as memories had probably never happened. They were imaginative figments placed on the ephemeral pages of the interweb. But during the summer, a SPARK of light appeared. It was MARVELOUS!

I think McGuffy’s Reader‘s Sparks idea is fabulishious!

When I knew that Queen Penelope’s days were numbered, we shared a daily gift. I have asked her if she will share a weekly SPARK with you and she has agreed. Look for Nellie’s Sparks on Marvelous is Marvelous, starting next Monday!

Today I leave you with one of her previous gifts!


Love Barb

Sparks Badge