Selfie Sunday with the gang and an extra!

This is our guest – Fig


Last week, my human brother brought home a HUGE bag full of them from our Aunt’s yard. Mom sliced, diced and mashed and cooked and stirred and poured and boiled and….


We got 16 jars of goodness! It tastes great with meat and as a breakfast jam. It has a hint of strawberries in it. Mom had never made jam with Jello in it before. Mom is going to share the whole process on her blog tomorrow.

On Sundays, we pawticipate in The Cat on My Head’s Selfie Sunday. Please click their badge to go and see the all the other pawticipants!


First, Cinnamon!


She LOVES that she can sit on the deck and bark at ALL the other dogs in the townhouse complex! Its funny, they sit out there and bark back and forth at each other. Next the OTHER GRRL!


Jo Jo misses going out into her yard. She does NOT like being chased by me and Ninja and she swats us…claws out…and she hits HARD!

Next the first and foremost (and biggest) of us guys — Kozmo!


Kozmo is also missing his yard and his quiet, manly solitude. He does not want to play with Me and Ninja. He just hisses and growls and runs and hides.

Next is the OTHER black cat….Ninja


Ninja and I get along great! We play, we chase, we swat, we wrestle, I love that he is here!

And Lastly…ME!!!


I am missing my just me and my Mom and the me time and not having to share her. But I am also enjoying chasing Kozmo, bugging Jo Jo, wrestling with Ninja,,,and oh yeah…I am getting along with Cinnamon. I don’t hiss, yell or run away when I see here any more.

Have a fabulishious week guys! Hope you guys are not melting!