Selfies and Winners!

Yes you read it right – WINNERS! We realized we had a second small Marv Art Calendar delivered too, and I asked if  we could give away one of me as a runner up prize!

Mom came upstairs to make the bed and look who she found laying on it!


When she asked us to move, I moved over beside Ninja!


We did NOT want to get off the bed, so Mom asked if we could take our selfies.

We are pawticipating in The Cat On My Head‘s Selfie Sunday! To see all the other pawticipants, please click their button.


First Ninja – Is he not a handsome house panther!


Then ME – MARVELOUS!!! I am being enigmatic.


Now onto the calendar winners! We put all  the names into a spreadsheet and then we went to


Yamini (Doses of Wild Yam) won the calendar of ME!


Sandee (Comedy Plus) won the Totem Calendar.

We need your snail mail addresses! Can you please send them to

marvelousismarvelous at gmail dot com!





Yep! The immovable force called WORK has been keeping Mommy busy. Today, we are going to post for Caturday Art and Selfie Sunday!

First CATURDAY ART with Athena the Cat Goddess (she is sooooo beautiful). She has started to create her Valentine Cards!

If you want to see more great animal art, click on her button to see all the other artists!


And here is OUR art!  It is Ninja complaining to Mommy when she came up the stairs.


Ninja is not happy. His Dad is going to be away for the next 6 weeks (He was only home for 3 days). Ninja keeps trying to get close to my Mommy and I don’t like that!

I have been chasing him.  And we have been fighting (way more than we ever did). Mom bought a Feliway diffuser! And we are hoping it will work – when I first came to live with Mom – Kozmo and Jo Jo were here and it helped a lot.

Next up, we are pawticipating in Selfie Sunday! Please click on the Cat On my Head‘s button to go and see all the other pawticipants!


We are doing EASY this Sunday.


I am in my blue bed and Ninja is on the sofa!


I hope you guys are having a most wonderful Easy Sunday too!

Purrs Marv & Ninja