Unexpected Guest

Ninja and I have really been having fun visiting Kozmo, Jo Jo and Cinnamon. The living room bay window is AWESOME!

From here we can see all the way across town!

In the Window

Kozmo and Ninja have taken to laying on the sofa “together”! They were laying there watching me play in the tunnel when something strange happened!

MarvatTheTunnel - Copy

It scared me a little and I wanted to know what was happening!


It was our furrend Katie Isabella!!!

ALL the Man Cats LOVE ♥♥♥ Katie♥♥♥!

The photo of Katie, Kozmo has over his bed

She spent the afternoon laying between Kozmo and Ninja watching the Princess Bride on the TV and then she had some fresh deaded shrimp with us before she went home.


I fell asleep and missed most of it.

Today, we are pawticipating in Brian’s Thankful Thursday. You can click the Badge to go and see all the other Thankfuls!


We have so furry much to be thankful for. We have people who love and care for us, a warm place to play and sleep and enough to eat and we have many virtual furrends that we LOVE to visit and share in their lives!

Right now we are sending much Love, Purrs and Strength to the Pouponette‘s. We love you Tommy!


Purrs and Head Bonks – Kozmo Ninja and Marv


Artsy Dogerday and Friday Fill-Ins!

Hi Guys! Mom has really been kept busy this week. Between work, my human brother being around (think cooking), the clean-up  of all the extra hair and litter boxes and feeding animals, and walking of Cinnamon, mom has had a tough time doing my posting and commenting. We had wonderful ideas, we got the photos edited, and we even got the fill-ins written, but we did not get the posts completed for Thursday and Friday. We wonder how some of those families (like the Cat on My Head and 15 and Meowing and Brian’s Home and Marg’s Animals and The Pouponette and Bionic Basil and Tom Cat Commentary by Tim) get everything done.


First…I, Marvelous am going to be in Comedy Plus’ Feline Friday!


NEXT…I am going to post Mom’s answers to the Friday Fill-Ins! To see everyone else – who answered yesterday, click the Four Legged Furballs and 15 & Meowing’s button.

Fill-insTake it away Mommy!

  1. I would like tickets to is Paul McCartney or Elton John or Queen preferably with Adam Lambert…HOWEVER the Vancouver Opera is putting on The Merry Widow, La Boheme, Faust and Rossini’s La Cenerentola this year and I LOVE all of those operas, I am hoping to go this winter
  2. Please don’t ask me to fix your computer…yes I probably can, but if you are a dentist, would I ask you to come over and fix my teeth? And what would you think if I did? So why would you be offended when I said no.
  3. I’d rather get up and go for a walk or even wash dishes than watch television.
  4. By this time next year Marv will be with me for 2 years.

Now for Artsy Doggerday!

A while back,  we made this cartoon art of me. It took mom quite a while to do it.


Mom took this picture of Cinnamon and thought she would like to do the same with it She LOVES how the one of me turned out.


But since we don’t have the time right now, she thought she would try some of the Cartoon effects online with another picture of Cinnamon. This is the picture we used


First we made this one…

Cinnie 2

And this one

Cinni 6

and this one.

Cinnie 5

And finally – this one (it is our favorite)


Please click on the button to go to Athena Cat Goddess’ blog to see all the other great art! There is a lot of fabulous art in the blogosphere and you can see some at the Caturday Art Blog Hop!!


Special Purrs for Binky! Click to go to her blog!