Tuxie Tuesday with Kozmo

I sure hope Katie Isabella does not see this post. My love life will be ruined!


I have had a horrible time. I have had issues with my ears, since way back when we were in Vancouver. They itch and I scratch.  But I scratched so hard, I made them raw. When they start to heal, they itch more, and I scratch more! Mom sent me a collar. I think I look like a stupid flower!


It’s pretty embarrassing. I try to scratch through the collar, but it does not work. And I’ve gotten the collar off a few times and scratched them raw again!

And you know what’s the worst…Jo Jo giggles so hard she falls over, every time she looks at me!

I really wanted to look like this for Valentines Day!

Kozmo3 copy

Suave and debonair.

Will you be my Valentine?

Love Kozmo