The Week from H E double hockey sticks!

What a difference a week makes.

When Mommy went to work this Monday, she was pretty sure that the interim software rollout that was supposed to happen in the Middle of November while she was on vacation– did not happen…

and she was right.

The new date is now December 10th.  But this week Mom’s co-worker and the other writer had a family emergency! That meant that Mom worked a LOT of overtime this week and she will be working through this weekend and overtime next week straight through to next weekend.

She has been home LATE everyday this week. And Alex went to Chicago for 2 days. We did NOT get any posts done, and we did not get a chance to visit our furrend’s blog.

Soooooo …  what have Ninja and me been doing?

Some of this…


And some of this!


Now-who WON?

We got a list of those that told us they donated and we checked out the Go Fund Me page  for Marg. 

We put the names of people who told us they did into a hat and…






Purrs Marv & Ninja



We know you want to help

Portrait of Marv (study in blue)

We all know Marg!


This weekend, Lucky went OTB!

For the last three weeks Lucky had blood in his urine and they tried all kinds of medicine but it just didn’t stop. Lucky was a really good cat. The techs at the vet office loved him. He had to go have fluids all the time since his kidneys were failing.
Anyway, sad to say, Lucky went to the bridge.

THis fall Marg has had quite a few sick cats and loads of extra vet bills.

We donated instead of sending Christmas cards. We sent our donation via PayPal (the button is on her sidebar).

I asked Mom if we could add some incentive for those who want to help Marg.

Mom has enough time to create one (1) 8″x10″ pet portrait before Christmas. Please let us know with a comment, you have donated (you can donate via PayPal or on her Go Fund Me). We will also include those who have already donated, (just leave a comment with this post or email me – marvelousismarvelous at

We will randomly select a winner from the comments (of this post and via email), from those we receive before this Friday (November 30th) at 6 PM Pacific.

Portrait of Bert

If you want to see what some more of Mommy’s paintings look like, click this link.

What Marg does for the animals in her care is incredible!

Let’s give her a hand this Christmas!