Banksy is an anonymous English street artist. He creates satirical street art, mostly using stencils on buildings.

Last week, we got to see him shred one of his paintings right after it was sold at Sotheby’s auction house in London! This week, he admitted that it was supposed to shred the whole picture, but it stuck! And the lady that bought it has discovered that it is even worth MORE money than she paid for it!

Mom was really into stencils a few years back and has been a follower of Banksy…so when we saw that PhotoFunia had a Banksy Effect…we HAD to try it!

Here is MY Creation!


There are a TON of great artist’s who pawticipate. Stop by Athena’s blog (you can click on her button to get there) and see them!


Now I am off to go and see everyone elses masterpieces!


Selfies with Marv and Ninja

Ninja is purrturbedNinja called.

He was quite despondent. He and his Dad (my human brother) are moving here this summer. Today, in Calgary, his Dad took apart the sofa. Ninja has had that sofa since he first came to live with Queen Penelope, my Mom and his Dad.

The sofa bears testament to Queen Penelope’s claws!

Ninja telling his Dad that the sofa can not go!

Ninja LOVES the sofa, he cried over it as it went out the door.

I feel your pain Buddy! Can’t wait for you to get here!

Marv talking to Ninja

We are pawticipating in Selfie Sunday at The Cat On My Head!
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Purrs Marv & Ninja