Man Cat Monday

Did you see our lovely new header that Ann at Zoolatry made for me? Since 2007 (Hey! That is Before Queen Penelope!) she has created art for other bloggers. You can see a lot of her art throughout the blogosphere. Queen Penelope collaborated with Ann several times. The last time was when Smoke and Joe were running for President and Vice President, she made the best graphics!

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These are just a few I found kicking around on the disc where we store Queen Penelope’s images from Living On The Edge.

We are excited about the header! Mommy has been furry busy and has not had time to update ours–this is the best gift! We LOVE it! If you want some great graphics for a reasonable price…check out Ann.


Now for some excellent Man Cattiness!

This is Ninja taking his easy on my and Mom’s bed.


He just LOVES be-furring Mom’s pillow.¬† And now the handsomest Man Cat in the Town House….


ME Taking my easy in the blue bed on the sofa!

And this one, for Aww Monday


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We are also asking you guys to send some POTP to Buddy Budd over at Tom Cat Commentary by Timmy.

purrsprayers badge for buddybudd







Happy Thanksgiving Day!

YES!! It is Turkey day in Canada!!!

Are we having Turkey?

No Turkey

But we will have something yummy….Right Mom?


And we have wishes for you our furrends…


Dear furrends…we are very Thankful And de Tabbies of Trout Towne will be furry happy to know – we are having SALMON!!

SLCC weekly barbecue.  Smoked salmon, venison sliders, and bannock bread.

We are pawticipating in Comedy Plus’ Awww Monday




AND a special Thanksgiving  shout out for Ann at Zoolatry! She does so many graphics for the Animal Blogosphere and we are so furry Thankful!

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If you’d like to view her Holiday PhotoArt collection
just click here.