Selfie Sunday with Marv

I let Mom take 2 days off blogging this last week.

Well, actually, because Mom has been so busy at work with the rollout (which is now 10 months late) we have been doing most of my weekly posts on Sunday. Last weekend, Mom did not get anything written except Nellie’s Spark and my Thursday jokes. We did manage to get a post up about Bass Terd Turkeez when Dad sent us a picture and then on Tuesday when Mom got home from work, she got a great shot of me doing the Curl. But Friday and Caturday were toasted – writing a computer technician guide has taken priority over the cat! (I am getting my my required cuddles and plays though).


What is this Tuesday after work was especially exciting!!! Can you see what I am looking at!?!


Mom got me a new Ratty!!


He is the best! Mom has made it so I can have him on and off the rope!


I LOVE my new Rat (I love my old one too–they BOTH have been coming to bed every night). Mom and I have been playing with him a lot and boy he’s a ton of fun!

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Thankful Thursday and Elephants!

Mom is GREEN

Marv, why don’t we start with the jokes FIRST this week?



You guys…that’s a REAL Groaner…
I hope you have a better one….



Marv – You and your elephant had some interesting jokes! 

I got one got you…Where does an elephant pack his luggage?

In his trunk!

Now, what are you thankful about this week?

I am thankful that Kozmo and Jo Jo went home…but I really miss having somebody to play with!
I am thankful that you have a job and can buy me all the best food and toys, but I get lonely at home by myself now that I know what it is like to have family around all the time.
I am thankful that it is getting closer to summer time and I can spend more time in the catio.
I am thankful for my interweb furrends and that they come and comment on my blog.
I am thankful for Brian and his family and that they host Thankful Thursday and I can express my thanks!
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Thankful Thursday Blog Hop
And Most of ALL I am thankful for all the happiness in my life! The world can be a cold, sad and lonely place – but I have family and YOU my Furrend!
THANK YOU for being part of my life!