Man Cat Monday

Alex says Mom gets home tomorrow.

Is it tomorrow yet?

Purrs Marv & Ninja


Selfie Sunday with a Guest

We are starting to wonder if Mom and Dad are ever going to come back. Alex is fabulishious, but it’s not the same.

He DOES vacuum as much as Mom. And he DOES feed us at the right times and in the right places. He Does clean our boxes MORE than Mommy and Cinnamon LOVES going for walks with him.

Jo Jo says she misses her Daddy’s lap (and mouse hunting).

Cinnie and Koz are Under the bed. They think Alex vacuums too much.

Kozmo spends a lot of time here. He thinks me, Marvelous and Ninja pick on him. We just want him to play with us.

Cinnie is waiting for him to finish vacuuming so Alex can take her for yet another walk.

And me….Mommy, can you bring a couple of those geckos home for us to play with?

We are pawticipating in the Cat on My Head’s Selfie Sunday

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Oh Lizzie is our guest selfie today!

I think he did a great job!