Do you remember us? We remember you!


Amazing things can happen in a month! A month ago we were living in Richmond. Mommy was traveling to see Daddy in the Kelowna Hospital most weekend and Ninja’s Daddy (my human brother Alex) was in Singapore.

Two weeks ago, Mommy put all of us cats in carriers, put the 4 carriers in the car and we we MOVED to Midway.

The Doctors decided to let Daddy out of the hospital and because he could not climb all the stairs in the townhouse, Mommy said we were moving to Midway.


We have the most interesting neighbors. I’m not sure if they are big dogs…but Cinnamon barks at them and Ninja chases them!


¬†Mommy is once again working out of what she calls “Mission Control”.Mission Control

What we like, is that she is working from home so she can take care of me (and Daddy). She managed to get them t company she works for to think outside the box (or office) for the short term. And it it does not work out, Mommy will get what she calls “Retired”. Though she says they could sure use the benefits (what ever they are).


Cinnamon agrees! She LOVES that she can go for way more car rides.


Kozmo LOVES that we cats all go our own “Nip Nanners” and that we can go outside whenever we want.


And Jo Jo LOVES the bed in Mommy’s office!

Yep! We are HAPPY to see you guys too!!


Now go to Comedy Plus and see all the other AWWWWsome stuff!!






Look what we got in the mail!


Our furrends Pipo, Dalton & Benji had their Mom (Ingrid) make Kozmo a Birthday Card (THANK YOU!) You would not believe how happy he is about that! And we gotta tell you, we got his AGE wrong! He was born in 2010 which makes him 9 years old!

And we want to thank all our furrend with their suggestions with our pee problem. Mom ordered some Pheromones spray and you know what, it has made us ALL much mellower. Mom put plastic floor cover stuff down in the closet (after she used the horrible wet sucky monster beast to suck up the messes). She cleaned all the litter boxes thoroughly and  put in new litter and sprayed the pheromones inside.

She sprayed the stuff everywhere after the first sprays worked so well at us being friendly in the living room.

Everything was great–until midnight last night.


Ninja would NOT let Kozmo out of Mommy’s bathroom!

Kozmo peed in the shower! Mom said, at least I can wash it down the drain…so she did. Yes, the main antagonist is Ninja. And he has been thumping all of us!


Purrsonally–I, Marvelous, can NOT wait for his Dad to come back!


However Mom says it is at least another month!

Oh yes here are shots of Jo Jo (watching Ninja under the sofa)


and Cinnamon (waiting for her ball to be thrown) too!


And here is a parting shot of Mr Kozmo who sent Katie Isabella his love before her big trip to the vet last weekend!