Look what we got in the mail!


Our furrends Pipo, Dalton & Benji had their Mom (Ingrid) make Kozmo a Birthday Card (THANK YOU!) You would not believe how happy he is about that! And we gotta tell you, we got his AGE wrong! He was born in 2010 which makes him 9 years old!

And we want to thank all our furrend with their suggestions with our pee problem. Mom ordered some Pheromones spray and you know what, it has made us ALL much mellower. Mom put plastic floor cover stuff down in the closet (after she used the horrible wet sucky monster beast to suck up the messes). She cleaned all the litter boxes thoroughly and  put in new litter and sprayed the pheromones inside.

She sprayed the stuff everywhere after the first sprays worked so well at us being friendly in the living room.

Everything was great–until midnight last night.


Ninja would NOT let Kozmo out of Mommy’s bathroom!

Kozmo peed in the shower! Mom said, at least I can wash it down the drain…so she did. Yes, the main antagonist is Ninja. And he has been thumping all of us!


Purrsonally–I, Marvelous, can NOT wait for his Dad to come back!


However Mom says it is at least another month!

Oh yes here are shots of Jo Jo (watching Ninja under the sofa)


and Cinnamon (waiting for her ball to be thrown) too!


And here is a parting shot of Mr Kozmo who sent Katie Isabella his love before her big trip to the vet last weekend!










Anybody got any ideas?

First! Happy Birthday to Kozmo! He turns 8 years old TODAY!


Now, fellow bloggers! Its Barb and I need you guys to give me your advice.

I have been traveling a lot since Dave’s (the Daddy) accident. Because of the way the Health System works up here and because Dave’s address is in Midway and he lives in the Interior Health Region, he can’t be transferred here to Vancouver, which is in the Coastal Heath Region, where I live and work. Because of my benefits (and bills) I can’t afford to quit work…so I get to drive about 16 hours each weekend to visit Dave. This means I am not home as much as I should be and this is stressing out the cats-especially Kozmo.

He is a lover, not a fighter and Marv and Ninja and Jo Jo love to harass him. Soooooo Kozmo acts out by peeing – in my closet, on the bathroom floor, on the carpet on the stairs, I alex’s bedroom, on clothes in the laundry basket, in front of the litter boxes (there are 4-1 for each cat) — frankly, he’s peeing almost everywhere! And its not just when I am away, he seems to do it most when I am at home! I was getting dressed this morning and brushing my teeth and he went into my closet, climbed over the box-barriers I had put in there and peed on the carpet! I’m really glad I have one of those little rug cleaning machines, otherwise my land lady would be livid.

I have tried everything I can think of..I’ve put a litter box in my closet, I clean the boxes daily (and sometime twice daily), 2 of the boxes don’t have covers, I’m using the same litter that I (and Dave) have used for years and I tried using a different litter in one of the boxes, but that’s not helped. I have even tried letting Kozmo have the bedroom to himsled during the day…

I had to take the weekend off because of work, and I figured that YOU guys all have experienced this at some point…

I am at my wits end! Does anybody have any good ideas?