Banksy is an anonymous English street artist. He creates satirical street art, mostly using stencils on buildings.

Last week, we got to see him shred one of his paintings right after it was sold at Sotheby’s auction house in London! This week, he admitted that it was supposed to shred the whole picture, but it stuck! And the lady that bought it has discovered that it is even worth MORE money than she paid for it!

Mom was really into stencils a few years back and has been a follower of Banksy…so when we saw that PhotoFunia had a Banksy Effect…we HAD to try it!

Here is MY Creation!


There are a TON of great artist’s who pawticipate. Stop by Athena’s blog (you can click on her button to get there) and see them!


Now I am off to go and see everyone elses masterpieces!



Thankful Thursday

This week Ninja’s Dad is in Nelson, BC. He is staying with furrends and they have a cat named Kanga. She is the same age as Ninja and the same size and colour as me. She is a furry thankful cat and when she heard from my human brother that I, Marvelous have a blog and that Brian’s Home has Thankful Thursday, she wanted to tell how thankful she is.


Hi, my name is Kanga and I want to tell you I am the most thankful cat in Nelson, BC!


Where I live in is a beautiful town in the middle of the mountains and I live in in a very nice neighborhood. We have trees and houses and views. There are great places to climb and catch mice and voles and moles.  The forest and the wild animals are a long ways away. I get to go outside and play.
When I was just about a year old, I dragged myself home, I was all covered in blood and my right back leg was gone!


My humans were scared and worried and rushed me to the vet! I don’t remember too much. I hurt and I was afraid! There was lots of rushing around, then I was given a needle and I slept for a long long time. When I woke up, I had tubes stuck in me and the vet has removed what was left of my leg and stitched me up. My people and my vet were worried I was not going to come home, but I fooled them!


I was back to my playful self and home much faster than anyone expected. I am so very thankful that my people got me to the vet very fast and that the vet got me all fixed up! I am the fastest 3 legged cat on the planet!

There is not anything that I can’t do! I just hop to it!


They don’t know exactly how I lost my leg, they think it must have been a racoon as there are no big or wild dogs or coyotes in my neighbourhood.

Cats…be very careful around raccoons…they are dangerous to us cats!

Thank you Brian for the opportunity to give my thanks and share my story!

Kanga! Thanks for telling your story to my human brother! Ninja sends a shout out to you Kanga, can you give his Dad a kiss from him?


AND all of us are thankful for you my furrends!

I love visiting you and when I love it when you visit me!

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