Thankful Thursday

I want to thank you for all the purrayers for my health. I do believe they helped for a speedy (yes 10 weeks is speedy)  recovery.

About 2 weeks before Marv arrived I had the flu, and the week previous to his arrival, I got pneumonia. This came from a combination of the smoke from the wild fires and the congestion in my lungs.  When I got Marv home from the airport, I thought I had closed the bedroom door tightly before opening Marv’s carrier, but I hadn’t. Cinnamon came in to see. She tried to stick her face in the carrier, I put up my hand and…


See the tooth mark between my fingers…

not Marv's...his are sharper

At the time, I did not realize how deep the bite was or that it had hit the bone.  Cats don’t have more germs in their mouths than dogs (or people), but when cats bite, their sharp teeth make  deep puncture wounds and this can inject difficult to treat bacteria into the skin and joints. I did not know it, but I got a troublesome to treat bone infection.

As I was already taking an antibiotic, I made the assumption that it would take care of  any infection from a bite. (Yes, I’ve gotten infections from previous cat bites). It did…sort of.

I was still feeling quite ill when my course of antibiotics was done. I waited an couple of days and one and a half weeks after Marv arrived, I went to a walk-in clinic about the infection and the Dr prescribed a strong oral antibiotic. 3 days after that I realized that this went beyond a normal infection. My finger had turned purple and boy did it hurt! I ended up at the emergency ward. There they sent me for an x-ray and put me on an oral and IV antibiotics.

Not my xray

This meant I had to to go to the hospital everyday, wait my turn in the emergency ward,  then get hooked up to the IV.

Intravenous antibiotics are administered by intermittent infusion for over 30 minutes to 1 hour per day during the course of treatment. Over the next 10 days I saw a couple of the emergency Doctors (as my finger was still very swollen), and I had an ultra sound a couple of times to see if the infection was spreading.

After the first course of antibiotics (10 days) they had me see the infectious disease specialist. He increased the strength of the antibiotics both the IV and  oral antibiotic for 2 weeks.

The side effects from antibiotics are not fun. Especially the digestive ones. And the exhaustion. Between taking care of the animals, working and spending up to 4 hours a day traveling to from and spending time at the hospital I was really really tired.

Not my Bone scan
What a bone scan looks like. Dark spots indicate something

At the end of the first week, and no significant change to my finger, the infectious disease doctor ordered a bone scan. This showed that the infection was in the bone. The Doctor set up an appointment to have a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter, or “PICC line,” it is a thin, soft plastic tube — like an intravenous (IV) —they put  into a large vein in your arm and that ends up in the main vein near my heart, where blood flows quickly. This was done the last day of the second course of IV antibiotics.


Through the PICC line, the antibiotics I would be receiving were going to be even stronger! The upside was  I would be allowed to give myself the antibiotics at home. I learned how at the local health clinic and for the next 3 weeks, I dutifully mixed my antibiotics into a saline solution and sat there with the IV tube in my arm every day when I got home from work.

Finally, the last week, my finger started to look normal. It was still swollen (but not like it was) and was still sore, however my Doctor did not want to keep me on the antibiotics for another course because of the strength and other side effects.

We hope the infection is gone, but there could still be some there, it is something that I have to be aware of and keep an eye on.

This post is to let you know that cat bites are dangerous. Please, if the bite breaks your skin, see your doctor. Infections from their bacteria are hard to get rid of.

I am leaving with a graphic from the Purrington Post. Even though it only shows US statistics, I am sure you can extrapolate for your country.


We have added this post to the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop because I am so thankful, both for the terrific care I received through our medical system, the love and prayers from people in the blogosphere and for Marv, who is a wonderful and loving cat!


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Love Barb



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  1. Oh FFS Barb! I can’t imagine how much that must have hurt and made everyday living quite unbearable. Not to be flip but I guess it’s true no good deed goes unpunished. Obviously you have another (inadvertently) cat from hell. I’m so sorry you had to go thru all that! Xoxo


  2. Oh Dear God I cannot believe all that you have been through! OMG!! I don’t know how you handled it all, I truly don’t. I am praying the infection is gone for good. Also, cat scratches are EXTREMELY dangerous and ‘cat scratch fever” does exist, I know someone who was nearly deathly ill due to being scratched (deep) by a cat. You are an amazingly tough woman……..praying you are back to good heatlh soon!!! xoxo


  3. Very interesting that more women than men are bitten…guess that is because we are usually the main caregivers. I am so thankful you did not end up having to have surgery, but will continue to pray that the infection is GONE! We know Marv is very sorry this happened. Please warn him that you may “squeee” again when you see today’s post. Sending lots of love, Kitties Blue Mom, Janet


  4. Its a risk we all take when we have pets and its is something that we all should pay more attention to.
    Thankfully (Fingers and Paws Crossed here) you are finally better and we will continue to pray that continues.You are amazing and one tough cookie Barbs,Much love to you and to Marv and of course Cinnamon,Kozmo and Jo-Jo too,xxx Rachel and Speedy


  5. How awful that had to happen to you. I’m sure it is very painful and that Marv is very sorry that he inadvertently hurt you like that. We too are purraying thatyour infection goes away for good and never to return. Oh, and thanks for being our first responder to our blog. We don’t have a clue what we are doing but we are trying and it is fun. Love ya, Juliea and Patzy


  6. Paws crossed that the infection is on its way out. And YES, cat bites are very dangerous – one of our pals in Sweden had to be in the hospital for a long time to get the infection under control after her husband’s cat bit her when she was trying to give her a pill. Binga bit my human on the thumb once a couple of years ago, mistaking it for part of a treat, and my human did not mess around – she went to Urgent Care right away to make sure nothing was amiss. She was fortunate – it didn’t get infected, and she got a tetanus shot, which it turned out she needed to be part of a therapy cat team.

    P.S. You are so lucky you are Canadian. The bills in the U.S. could very well have been catastrophic if you did not have the right kind of insurance.


  7. Barb I know that this has been a bit of a nightmare – not just the pain and concern from this kind of bite but the treatments and after effects as well. Bites of all kinds can go into the bone if they go deep enough of course but sometimes we brush a bite off as “no big deal” when really it can be a VERY BIG DEAL as you know!! I’m just really happy that you are better and will continue to hope and pray that you have no long-lasting issues because of the bite. No doubt Marv and Cinni are both sorry this happened accidentally…….!!! We all are…………AND we send you and your sweet Marvelous big hugs.

    Love, Pam and Teddy too


  8. Oh yes, Aunty Peggy had exactly the same problem, she was finking a bit of antiseptic cream was enough after a bite from Suki, her siamese kitty at the time butt oh nose, it need a very long course of antibiotics to sort that little nibble out! (mind you, can’t blame Suki, she was being packed off to the Catery for the weekend so no wonder she left her mark!)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx


  9. Oh Barb, that all sounds horrible. I didn’t realize how bad it was. Sure hope it is healing now. We sure send you lots more purrs and prayers. You take care.


  10. Whoa! No wonder TW tells me if any of my bites get infected, I’m going back to the shelter. You’re lucky you don’t live here, Marv, or you’d be back in Iran. I mostly bite Pop now and TW gets upset cos he doesn’t take them seriously. He doesn’t even wash them off unless they’re bleeding a lot. As Summer says, you are lucky to live in Canada or you’d be living on the street now unless you’re a millionaire. I’m glad they could stop the infection—paws crossed on that—without taking the hand. Aunt Pauline used to tell TW about how she had to go to the ER after Jinx bit her and the doctor told her the woman before her had to have her hand chopped off cos of a cat bite. One last thing, TW can’t take antibiotics so she knows about side effects. I so hope this is behind you now.


  11. What a horrible scary experience Barb!! I am so glad that you are on the mend now! You seem to have had a lot of nasties happening!! Here’s hoping that is all in the past now! xxx


  12. Barb…Oh I am so very very sorry you had to go through this lengthy ordeal. I can certainly see why Marv was frightened and that your hand was for sure in the wrong place at the wrong time. We are so sorry for all. What a grueling 10 weeks. We are so very thankful you are healing and hope and pray the infection never rears it’s ugly head again.
    On a very tiny scale I understand the situation with your hand in the way of a very frightened Marv and a curious Cinnamon. Years ago I was at a 60 bday. I was headed up a narrow 2 level set of deck stairs when I met the family dog coming down the stairs. It had a tiny piece of hamburger on it. I turned to tell the folks behind me I could not go up any further. When I turned, the plate was at eye level with the dog. Unbeknownst to me the dog was about the gobble the piece of meat but when I turned back around my forearm was where the plate was. Bless the dog’s heart she was trying to bite the meat not my arm. She didn’t break the skin but boy did I get a big bruise…really big and the shock of a life time. On a lighter note she had been groomed and had her teeth cleaned the day before. Everyone was so very upset and of course shot records were shown etc. I kept an ice pack on it which helped.
    Hugs Madi and Mom


  13. Oh my goodness! You really have been through the wars! So glad you are better!

    I was badly bitten by Trav once (on his last day) and immediately went to my doctor for treatment. I am glad I did!


  14. YIKES! What an incredible story, and glad you are out of the woods. I’m told that around here (Michigan), if you see a doctor for a cat bite, you must produce documentation that the cat had a rabies shot in the last year, or the cat is put into quarantine for 90 days…at the owner’s expense.


  15. What a horrendous experience! I am glad you are on the mend now and hope the infection has gone for good.
    I haven’t been visiting lately as we have been in Ireland, leaving on the 10th and getting back last night. Of course we had to go when tropical storm Ophelia arrived, and the area we stayed in was where it caught the worst of it.


  16. Oh, dear, I didn’t know the bite was that serious! So sorry you had to go through all that. Know it was not fun. I’ve had two bad cat bites in my lifetime and one tore a vein between two fingers. You are right. Don’t mess with one. Get treatment! Glad you are better and do hope all the infection is finally gone!!!


  17. I’m glad you were able to get it under control. I hope they got all the infection out. Sending good thoughts that you are healed up.


  18. We didn’t realize you had to go through all of that Barb! It must have been exhausting, scary, painful!! We are glad you feel better now and that Marv is settled so the chances of that happening again are slim.Ack! Once in a lifetime is more than enough !!! Keep feeling better.XO

    the critters in the cottage xo


  19. I am so sorry you had to go through this. And bless you for going through all this and still loving on Marv – of course you knew he didn’t mean it, but you must have been in a terrible fog of pain ! I pray that you are through with the infection !


  20. I am glad that you have shown us just how serious it is to get a bite Barb. The only ones I have had were very shallow. Admiral did one at my thumb. I got a new tetanus shot as I went to the Dr. since where she had bitten me hit a nerve. It hurt like anything and then numbed my thumb. She barely penetrated my flesh. She was tired of being petted and just turned to warn me. I was lucky. Thank heaven you are better now and while you were going through theorist weeks, how horrible that was for you. Taking care of the animals, yourself, travel, the medical aspect…the waiting, the concerns. If POTP could have taken that away for you, we sure tried.


  21. Barb, what a rough ordeal to go through! You sound like there is light at the end of the tunnel, now. I can only imagine how painful this can be. My thoughts are with you.


    Jean, Shoko and Kali


  22. OUCH!!! That was a lot from a tiny bite! Then again, I remember reading at one point not to get in the middle of dog/cat confrontations because the human often gets bit. That’s easy to say … but in the moment I would’ve protected baby Marv too. Hopefully, you’ll continue to heal and feel better.


  23. Owie, Owie.
    That was the worst case scenario for sure.
    Cat bites and scratches are the worst. though dog bites have caused pawppy troubles galore too…he had infections once from MJF and he got too close to Dalton when he was first here and got another bite. Sheesh.
    Minko did a number on him once too…

    I am glad you are healing, and I do hope and pray that there is no lingering lurking mess in your bone ao anywhere else.

    Glad you are feeling so much better. Hugs!


  24. That is so scary, Barb! We are glad you are doing so much better, but this is certainly a cautionary tale for all of us. Hugs and headbonks, and lots of purrs to you, Marvelous, and the whole gang!


  25. Oh awnty Barb, we’re so glad you’re feelin’ better. Cat bites are nuffin’ to play ’round with. We’re glad it wasn’t any worse. And of course we know Marv never meant to hurt you. We’re so grateful you knew dat too. Sendin’ hugs and purrayers.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Raena


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