Man Cat and Awww Monday

First up the Awww

We are pawticipating in Comedy Plus’ Awww Monday, click on their button to see the other pawticipants!


And here is the Awww an action shot from the Kitten Bowl!

Bowl Shot

Ninja and I were stoked that we could pawticipate! Here is MY Player card!


And here is Ninja’s!

NinjaCardI must say that me, Marv and Scan the Black did not do a heck of a lot. We helped Mom comment on our furrends blogs (we read a ton of blogs during the week in bed but it is too hard to comment on the tablet, so we try to leave comments on the weekend)
THEN Mom laid on the sofa (that has not happened very much lately) she read a book with the game in the background and we laid on top of her!
We hope that YOU had the best time too!


Ground Hog Selfie!

Caturday was Groundhog Day!


I did not know, but there are jillions of Marmots (what groundhogs are) around Midway! You know how I found out? Kozmo sent me a picture!

GroundHogs-GrandForksBC2These 3 groundhogs live just around the corner and up the hill from the house in Midway. Kozmo went to ask them if they saw their shadows and if we would have 6 more weeks of winter.


Eustace said that when he got up that morning and went for his morning constitutional, it was cloudy and he did not see it, but when he went out later for lunch, he DID see his shadow and when Kozmo came by, it was cloudy…so he figures Spring will come when it usually does. His wife Lucy concurs.

Kozmo asked Eustace if he would like to be the Guest Selfie on my blog. Eustace said he was honored!!!

Groundhog Day

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And then he, Kozmo sent me his selfie!


He asked me to dedicate it to ALL the beautiful lady cats.


I’m thinking he does not have a date for Valentines Day!!!