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I–Marvelous am GREEN Mommy is Red!

  1. The best part of last week was Mommy gave me salmon – real cooked salmon that did NOT come out of a can!
    I did NOT give it to him…he stole it off my plate while I answered the door.
  1. The worst part of last week was Mommy ABANDONED ME AND she was gone ALL DAY Caturday and Caturday night!!!
    I was getting a haircut and was gone an hour, I was also gone from 6-11 pm at the company Winter Party
  1. Making furrends with Kozmo and Jo Jo is a Winter project that I will be working on.
    I am expecting Cat Wars!
  1. A holiday gift that I always buy for someone is this is my first Christmas…I will take notes.
    I always put a book in everybody’s Christmas sock. This year I will buy 8 books for close family.



My Christmas E-Cards are on my Christmas Card Page!!!

29 thoughts on “Fa-La-La-Friday!

  1. Marvelous Marv, what good but differing Fill Ins you have from Mommy. Jasmine will get a piece of smoked salmon when we serve it because she’s a good kitty. ~Λ†..Λ†~
    We think your Christmas header is very festive. Your very talented. Enjoy the holidays. β›„οΈπŸŽ„

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  2. Marv, have you been taking lessons from Binga? ‘Cause #1 is totally something she would do.

    Okay, it is also something Boodie and I would do too.


  3. Great card AND great filling in by you and your Mommy Marv! You swiped a salmon off Mom’s plate? BRAVO FOR YOU! That’s definitely deserving of some kind of badge…..the “salmon snatching badge” maybe? Tee Hee

    Love, Teddy


  4. Good job Marv, getting that Salmon. We bet that was tons of fun. Tell the Mom thanks so much for that nice shout out to our Mom. She is sore but creeping around today. You all have a super day.


  5. So you stole the salmon off moms plate? Good for you.

    I love your picture, Marv. I linked this post to Feline Friday.

    Have a purrfect day. My best to your wonderful mom. β™₯


  6. Thank you both for these great answers. Good job fishing Marv! πŸ™‚ I am sure you will get along fine with Jojo and Kozmo, you are a sweet boy. Have a nice weekend! I love your card, you are so handsome. XO


  7. Those bows are the best part of the season! I love when my Momma gets them out to wrap presents. Last year, she protected all the extras really well, so I ripped them off the finished presents!
    My Momma learned to not leave me unattended around food … she lost several meals to me πŸ˜‰
    It really does feel like they’re gone forever, right? ~Bear Cat


  8. Good job ::ahem:: getting some salmon, Marv! πŸ™‚

    We hope you, Kozmo and JoJo will have a good time over the holidays. We suspect that you will have an easier time with Koz than JoJo. But we have our paws crossed that it will all work out!



  9. Oh, I loved this. I must say, I really do adore you both. Truly.
    Great answers, too. Spot on, my friends. You rock.
    Thank you for being a part of the fill-ins, and blogging with me.
    I am thankful. HUGS.


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